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There's something about a big night of end-of-the-year partying that goes hand in hand with over-drinking and hangovers. The worst thing about a hangover is that there is no specific cure or little pill that can instantly make it go away (why hasn't anyone ever invented one??!). The way in which one deals with a hangover is a highly personalized matter and more times than not, it involves food. I got to thinking, and wondered what types of food people turn to when suffering from a severe head-splitting stomach-hurling hangover.

I took an informal poll at the office to see what people eat and got a variety of solutions, with the most popular being some sort of egg sandwich (bacon, eggs, cheese on toast, a roll, or an English muffin). The runner up was a burger and fries. It was interesting to hear each person's cure - they included a bagel and cream cheese, coffee, Diet Coke, chips and beans, tuna melts, and blts. Basically what it boiled down to was two food groups: grease and sugar. The other popular remedies revolve around salt, liquids, carbs, fat, protein and more alcohol. I personally choose toast with butter.

So how about you? What do you eat when you are hungover?

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