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What Is an Espresso Tonic?

Alton Brown's Go-To Way to Caffeinate in the Summer Is Way Cooler Than Iced Coffee

An espresso and tonic from Augie's Coffee House Riverside. This has now become my summer go-to. #ABRoadEatsRside

Posted by Alton Brown on Monday, May 16, 2016

Alton Brown shared an image of his latest coffee obsession on Facebook: espresso tonics, claiming the beverage has "now become his Summer go-to." This drink has taken the coffee world by storm and will arguably become the next cold brew coffee in the coming months.

Here's how the drink is prepared: a few shots of espresso are poured over a iced, bubbly tonic water. When the right tonic water is paired with the perfect espresso complement, a beautiful union unfolds. The slightly sweet tonic water rounds out the bitterness of the espresso so it becomes somewhat creamy (without being milky). In addition, the effervescence from the tonic water acts as a palate cleanser in a way, so you don't end up with a sticky palate after drinking the coffee. During warm, Summer months, this beverage simultaneously refreshes while caffeinating. Win-win! It's no wonder Alton prefers this drink over his usual cortado order on hot days.

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