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Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day
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What Kind Of Salsa Do You Prefer?

According to Everyday Food, salsa is now the most consumed condiment in the United States. Salsa is so widely popular that it beats out the all-American condiment of ketchup. I have to admit, I enjoy salsa more than I do ketchup for one simply reason: variety. The taste of ketchup is a pretty stable, uniformed flavor, ketchup always tastes like ketchup. Salsa, on the other hand, can be made hundreds of different ways with distinct ingredients: tomatoes, jalepenos, cilantro, tomatillos, etc. Every salsa is unique right down to the texture of the mixture. While chips and salsa will always be a classic combination, much like ketchup and French fries, salsa can be used to season fish, meats, and chickens, as well as liven up south of the border style dishes and soups. I prefer a chunky tomato based salsa (medium-hot) with a thick authentic Mexican corn tortilla chip. How about you reader, what kind of salsa do you prefer?

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