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What Kind of Tea Do You Drink?

During the (usually) cold month of January, I love curling up with a good book and a nice cup of hot tea. Looks like I'm not the only who thinks that January and hot tea go hand in hand, as someone has appointed January "National Hot Tea Month."

As a kid, I grew up drinking tea all the time, mostly Oolong or Jasmine, but as I got older it was Earl Grey or English Breakfast.

How about you, what kind of tea do you drink?

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Sugar_Rush Sugar_Rush 10 years
Decaffeinated PG tips! Ah I'm so common in my tea tastes. Recently been drinking six cups a day though :|
ajiichiban88 ajiichiban88 10 years
My favorite is Dong Ding Oolong from this webstore called After trying out this type of oolong from a few tea purveyor, I personally think dong ding oolong from teacuppa is my fav! But of course, I still drink other tea like darjeeling with milk :)
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 10 years
I searched the supermarket for chai today. Nothing! Then back home I checked the internet. Turns out that Lipton sells chai tea...just not in Belgium! :mob:
PrincessLola PrincessLola 10 years
CHAI LATTES ARE THE BESTEST sorry for shouting but i am so excited! :p BringbackBrilson
amandak3011 amandak3011 10 years
i lurve me some "half and half" (aka an arnold palmer--half iced tea, half lemonade)...because i pretty much hate the taste of tea. but i do actually enjoy a glass of cold sweet tea now and again.
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
I like the classics, and herbal teas. I haven't tried green tea yet, but I want to. :) I'm probably the only person in the south who doesn't drink ice tea. :OOPS:
riotgeek riotgeek 10 years
I love classic blacks, favorite is Twining's Irish Breakfast. I also like green and iced teas. Twining's makes a delicious green tea with pear and apple.
spacecadet spacecadet 10 years
Like the other Catherine or Katharine as she spells it, I LOVE Tazo Passion tea! It's similar to Bigelow's passion fruit iced tea which is the best drink in summer! I also love jasmine tea like the type you get in Asian restaurants. I learned to drink iced tea instead of diet drinks and tea is so much more refreshing than sodas but sometimes you just 'gotta pop that top!
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 10 years
I can't type tonight!
lindac lindac 10 years
I drink them all! It depends on my mood. Trader Joes has a great White Pomegrante that I like and had this morning but one of my favorites is a strong Earl Gray. I like loose tea from Stash but have tea bags too for times I'm in a hurry.
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 10 years
I drink chai lattes all the time, and in summer I love to make ices peppermint tea lightly sweetened with honey. I is so refreshing. I get local honey from the Amish market, and it tastes awesome.
krooie krooie 10 years
I figured out how to make my own Green Tea lattes like they make at Starbucks, and I drink them a lot. I also like chai, too. The most tea that I drink, though, is diet peach Snapple tea! I'd die without it.
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 10 years
I know this is about hot tea, but I drink decaffeinated iced tea. And not the southern way full of sugar, just lightly sweetened, no lemon.
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 10 years
And it sure doesn't come from Starbuck's either! Ick!
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 10 years
Nothing wrong with that RCL! :)
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 10 years
I should add that if we want a hot drink, we drink coffee. Dark roast. With sugar. And cream.
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 10 years
I'm going to really tick off all of you purists, but in the south, we drink iced tea - with real sugar - and lemon.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 10 years
I drink every single kind imaginable. **“In my mind, I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood superstar. Y’all just didn’t know yet.” -Will Smith **
Miami-Gal Miami-Gal 10 years
Green, Chai, name it. Right now I am drinking Earl Grey. I do these cleansing teas...can't pick just one type. Sleepytime Extra is awesome if you need to be soothed to sleep.
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
green, white or tea!
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 10 years
I think you can buy Twinings just about everywhere!
Katharine Katharine 10 years
I like Tazo Passion Tea
swwonder swwonder 10 years
ash_marisa: I'm in the UK so I either get Twinings or the London Herb Company. I'm not sure where you're from though, but I assume most herbal tea companies sell them, sorry I'm not sure though. :)
partysugar partysugar 10 years
What about iced? Iced tea is all I drink in the summer.
ash_marisa ash_marisa 10 years
WHITE TEA! mmmm...peach ginger white teas is especially amazing...the white tea green tea whole leaf blends are amazing too... Swwonder: who makes the blackberry currant tea? sounds yummy...
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