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What to Make With Mint

8 Delicious Things to Do With Mint

With its strong familiar fragrance and structured bright leaves, mint is an easy herb to identify. It also thrives when growing and can take over the pot it's planted in, so it's best to grow mint in its own area. If you have mint in your garden, you might end up with a surplus of the flavorful leaves, but there's plenty of ways to make use of this hearty herb. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use as a flavoring agent in a salad. Think outside the box and toss chopped mint with fresh peas for a fast side dish or peaches for a slightly sweet fruit salad.
  2. Make mint pesto. Instead of serving the pesto with pasta, offer with a protein like shrimp or lamb chops.
  3. Make homemade mint chip ice cream. Before making the custard, the milk is steeped with tons of fresh mint.

Read on for more minty ideas!

  1. Use in a cocktail. Not only is mint essential for mojitos, but it's also an important ingredient in mint juleps. For an unexpected preparation stir into a Champagne limoncello concoction.
  2. Make mint jelly. The classic condiment is traditionally served with lamb dishes, but would work with chicken or fish.
  3. Make an herb mayonnaise with mint and slather on the toasted buns of a lamb burger.
  4. Use like a green in an eggplant and feta sandwich.
  5. For a refreshing drink, infuse water (or tea) with mint, cucumber, and citrus. Enjoy over ice garnished with a mint sprig.

What do you make with mint?

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Join The Conversation
Katie-Sweeney Katie-Sweeney 5 years
Eating watermelon chunks with mint and feta right now. It's really good!
alliekat alliekat 5 years
My favorite potato salad is actually just cooked/cubed potatoes and mint tossed in a little bit of olive oil and salt. Tastes like summer to me. Delish!
lemuse20 lemuse20 5 years
This is kind of going with #8, but I blend fresh mint from my garden with a frozen banana, baby spinach, ice cubes, vanilla protein powder and sometimes I'll throw in half of a cucumber if I have it. The flavors go surprisingly well together.
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