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What to Make With Mochi

5 Ways With Mochi

You may have heard of mochi, the Japanese cake made with sweet, glutinous rice. You may have even enjoyed it as the shell of mochi ice cream, a frozen dessert popular at Japanese restaurants. But do you know that mochi can be a sweet or savory component in just about any meal?

I recently discovered this when I spotted bake-and-serve packs of mochi next to tofu in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods. I did a little research and some experimentation in the kitchen with what I found and quickly learned that mochi lends a totally different textural component to a meal than, say, bread, potatoes, or even rice. There are a ton of simple ways to start out experimenting with this lesser-known product. Here are five of my favorite ways to do it.

  1. Pan-fry small pieces of mochi until they have a crackling exterior and soft interior, then use them as croutons to top off soup.
  2. Make mochi waffles. Cut refrigerated mochi into long, thin strips, then lay the strips carefully into a waffle maker and cook until puffed and crispy. Top with maple syrup, whipped cream, and fruit, as you would normal waffles.
  3. Deep-fry pieces of mochi in vegetable oil until golden brown, about five minutes. Serve it with a sprinkling of sea salt, sesame seeds, and finely shredded nori for a satisfying snack.
  4. Toast mochi in a toaster or toaster oven, then wrap in nori and dip into sweetened soy sauce.
  5. Wrap it in bacon. Nuke mochi in a water bath for 10 minutes to soften it, then swaddle the mochi in bacon and grill it!

You can even make your own mochi, but that's not something I've dabbled with yet. Have you ever tried cooking with the stuff?

Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
 @Nicole Perry That's something different altogether — they're called dduk, and they're rice cakes! They're a lot denser than mochi, and gummier.
Nicole-Perry Nicole-Perry 5 years
When you have "rice cakes" that are chewy in some Korean dishes, is it likely just pan-fried or deep-fried mochi? I've only had it in sweet applications (a go to fro-yo topping for sure) but I'm loving these other ideas.
Grace-Wilcox Grace-Wilcox 5 years
YUM! These recipes sound delicious... I've only had the ice cream version that you mentioned so I'd love to try some of the others. 
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 6 years
I also love frying mochi in coconut oil and serving it with maple syrup. I also like cooking it in the oven until it puffs up, then adding it to miso soup.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 6 years
mzcks, three options: 1) look for it in a Whole Foods refrigerated section 2) you can also call this number, for the brand pictured above 3) check out a nearby Japanese supermarket. They'll stock it as well. Hope this helps!
KittyFistpumps KittyFistpumps 6 years
Sound great being that I'm gluten free now - where can I find it in NY long island area?
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
mochi ice cream is one of those things i love but never would have thought to make at home! YUM!
atlasburped atlasburped 6 years
The way my family has always eaten mochi is 1. fry it 'til it gets nice n toasty and drizzle some honey on top and 2. dice it to add to an east asian style ice cream along with red bean paste, condensed milk or scoop of favorite ice cream, fresh fruit and flavored syrup (optional).
chocolik chocolik 6 years
if you add tapioca powder to waffle mix then you get moffles (mochi/waffles). Also cut up mochi into little squares and cover in cheese and bake for mochi gratin...delish!!
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