geeksugar pointed me to a very interesting article that I had to share with all of you. I've never been a fan of processed foods, I have an occasional Cheez-it or Oreo every few months, but in general I avoid those aisles at the supermarkets. Thank goodness, because the article discussed a few fun facts about Twinkies.

  • Ingredients include boiled down human urine and limestone.
  • Both Twinkie cream and rocket fuel derive their slippery sheen from a fun substance called cotton cellulose.
  • Despite urban legend after a nuclear war Twinkies will last only 24 days.

I guess I didn't need to know these facts to not eat these "desserts," I knew it all along. Perhaps after reading this you will never again eat a Twinkie or other processed desserts, but up until this moment, what processed desserts did you eat?

Source: Twinkie Deconstructed