Last week I had my first asparagus of the season! I was surprised to see it in the local supermarket and couldn't resist serving it at an impromptu dinner party. In my opinion, asparagus is best roasted or grilled rather than steamed or blanched. To see my tips for enjoying Spring's asparagus to the fullest,


  • Asparagus is most abundant between March and July.
  • There are three types of asparagus: green, white, and purple. Green is the most common and white is covered with soil — grown in the dark — to keep it from turning green.
  • At the store look for crisp stalks with firm brightly colored heads. Stay away from soft, limp-looking asparagus. Also flowers are a sign of age, so avoid stalks with flowers.
  • Fat stalks tend to be more flavorful and less stringy than thin stalks.
  • After purchasing, keep asparagus chilled until time to cook. If left at room temperature the stalks become tough and stringy and can lose their flavor quickly.
  • A serving size of asparagus is about eight stalks.
  • Choose stalks of similar size so they will cook evenly.