One of my local stores takes a lot of pride in offering fresh, local produce. They also make amazing seasonal Popsicles. Recently I was there and had a satsuma Popsicle with blood orange pieces. My friend thought it was weird, and wondered why they would have a nonseasonal item. That's when I told her that citrus is in season. She was flabbergasted, as were the rest of our friends; none of them realized that citrus is in season during Winter.

Granted, it's pretty easy to find citrus fruits year round, but right now is when they are at their peak. Perfect, because during cold season all the extra vitamin C is nice!

For tips on how to select the best citrus available,


  • Hold the fruit to see how heavy it is. The heavier the fruit, the juicier it will be. If it is light, choose again. Light fruit means that the juice has dried up.
  • Check for smooth peels. Make sure the skins are firm and not mushy. The thinner the peel, the larger the fruit inside.
  • Avoid any mushy spots. It can be squishy (juicy), but it should not be mushy or soft.
  • The fruit should smell fragrant and a bit sweet, especially at room temperature. An off smell means an off-putting piece of fruit.