A plate full of oysters on the half shell nestled gently on a bed of ice is deliciously rewarding and sublimely satisfying. I've been desperately looking for someone to enjoy oysters with since the season officially started in September! Although you can get oysters year round, much like citrus, they are best consumed now and in months with the letter R. If you love oysters as much as I do, take a moment to learn more about them. For tips on how to select and serve oysters,


  • Oysters are best served with a light, crisp white wine. Muscadet and sparkling varieties are excellent choices.
  • When serving oysters, get six per person for appetizers and about a dozen per person for dinner.
  • Oysters should be alive until just before eating. When ordering oysters, use overnight delivery to ensure freshness.
  • Serve oysters with classic mignonette or lemon wedges. Horseradish and hot sauce also complement oysters.
  • Make sure to rinse oysters under cold water and discard any that are not tightly closed before eating.
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