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Let's Dish: What's the Star of Your Thanksgiving Meal?

A fellow Sugar staffer and I were discussing the subject of stuffing versus dressing when the conversation got a little sidetracked. When I mentioned that it (whatever you want to call it!) was the star of last year's Thanksgiving meal, we started sharing the dishes we're most anticipating this holiday. For TrèsSugar, it's mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce; for PetSugar, it's apple pie. To CasaSugar, the answer's obvious: the bird!

The star of my supper always seems to alternate between sourdough bread stuffing and a vegetable side, like these beloved brussels sprouts with bacon. What dish do you consider to be the star of your Thanksgiving feast?
Do you have an standout Thanksgiving recipe? Please participate in our Thanksgiving recipe challenge. All you have to do is upload your recipe, an image, and a brief description to the Kitchen Goddess group. If you're lucky, we might just feature your recipe here on YumSugar!

Source: Flickr User CarbonNYC

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