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Question: what would Brian Boitano make? Answer: a pretty ridiculously offbeat cooking show. The Olympic figure skating champion's Food Network series, which was first announced back in April, debuted yesterday, and it was certainly not what I expected.

The skater described his show as "goofy and funny," but that's an understatement. The theme song riffs on the South Park movie's satirical tune "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" and although his cooking skills appear to be legit, recipes are interspersed with hammed-up interludes of Brian biking behind rainbows, lounging in a velvet robe, and running from an animated goat cheese log. He throws out corny lines, like, "I'm gonna holla at my homegirl, my mother from another grandmother." At times, he's hilarious; other moments, trying way too hard. All in all, the show is very uncharacteristic of the Food Network.

The strangest part of the episode was the party's theme. Brian decides to throw a soirée for a bachelor friend and proceeds to round up 15 bachelorettes. The show nears an end when Tony, Brian's pal, turns beet red as he enters a "party" — really, just a room filled with more than a dozen single, dolled-up women.


In case you missed out yesterday, this video sums up the episode's screwball scenes. Did you watch? What did you think of the show?


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