Just in time for Valentine's Day, Godiva Chocolatier has debuted an entire, edible room made out of chocolate! The room contains a plush sofa you can actually sit on and chocolate renditions of famous artwork: Gustav Klimt's famous painting "The Kiss" made of multi colored chocolate pieces and a Jackson Pollock canvas of black and white chocolate drippings. Books are actually boxes of chocolates and the chandelier is made from chocolate pearls. It's so fab that even Heroes' Ali Larter couldn't keep her hands off of it.

So how much does a room like this cost? A mere $23! The room is being given away as part of a contest — anyone who buys a Valentine's box of chocolates could win the chocolate room. If I won, I'd have a wine and chocolate party and invite everyone I know to eat part of the room. How about you? What would you do with a chocolate room?