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What Would You Make?

Here's the scenario: you are at home and hungry. You have to cook up something scrumptious for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/child/friend/etc., but the ingredients you have on hand are limited.

You have Italian sausage links, fresh mushrooms, and chicken broth. Using these products, along with whatever you currently have on hand in your cupboard and refrigerator, what would you make?

To see what I would whip up,

  1. I would start by taking the meat out of the sausage casings. I would add this to a large sauté pan heated with a little oil. I would cook the sausage, breaking it into small bite sized bits.
  2. Meanwhile, I would warm the chicken broth over medium heat.
  3. After the sausage is throughly browned, I would transfer it from the pan to a plate lined with paper towels.
  4. To the pan I would add chopped onions and garlic.
  5. After several minutes of sautéing I would add the sliced mushrooms and saute a minute more before deglazing with wine.
  6. Next I would add a cup of risotto rice and cook, stirring, adding chicken broth until it's absorbed, about 18 minutes.
  7. I would mix in the cooked sausage, any fresh herbs like thyme or parsley, and some cheese. I would add salt and pepper to taste and serve my mushroom sausage risotto with red wine.

Source and Source

4BYRDS 4BYRDS 9 years
I married a Cajun so I would make gumbo out of it. You can add anything to gumbo and it would be well received as long as you added some cajun spice!
jsknutson jsknutson 9 years
I love the rissotto idea. I was taking the easy route. Cook some pasta in the chicken broth. Brown the sausage. Saute the mushrooms. Add some parm. Done. This might be dinner tonight.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
mmmmm yum, sounds good!
music_jewel321 music_jewel321 9 years
Fuzzles, Just bought a fresh jar of red pepper flakes this afternoon! You're on!
elfdesign elfdesign 9 years
I'd go Japanese with it. Sounds weird, but Japanese stir fried italian sausage is pretty tasty. Remove sausage from casing. Brown. Add a diced red onion, a bit of shredded carrot, some diced red bell pepper, and stir fry that until it's done. Make a sauce out of tonkatsu sauce, soy, a bit of miso or miso soup powder, the chicken broth, and some sriracha. Mirin or sake if I've got it. Add in some green onions, steam up some rice, and it's dinner!
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
music jewel, You bring the red pepper flakes that I forgot to include and I'll share!
music_jewel321 music_jewel321 9 years
OK Fuzzles, I'm with you. I changed my mind. I want your sammie.
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
I think I would ditch the chicken broth and make a sammie instead. Grill up the sausages and place in brat buns. Top each with sauteed mushrooms, red and green peppers, garlic, and caramelized onions. On top of that pile, throw on some really nummy fresh motz and parm reggiano. Broil until the cheeses are melty and the buns are crispy. I would then serve with sides of marinara!
No idea, I'm not big on sausage.
music_jewel321 music_jewel321 9 years
Believe it or not, I was also thinking of an Italian sausage and mushroom risotto. Hmm....what about a cornbread stuffing made into a complete meal with these ingredients, with the addition of fresh carrots, celery, onions, golden raisins, and fresh sage? Gosh, I'm getting hungry now. Time to start supper!
emalove emalove 9 years
I would ditch the mushrooms, first off. I hate them. Sausages aren't my favorite thing either, but out of their casings, not so bad. I'd definitely make a delicious sausage soup like my dad makes. I'd have to steal his recipe, but that would be okay!
mellie_608 mellie_608 9 years
I would make this yummy sausage and pepper pasta dish (adding mushrooms of course) that I love. First sauteing the sausage removed from the casings until it it no longer pink then adding the mushrooms and sliced green and red bell peppers. While that cooks, boil penne pasta until al dente. When the veggies have softened, I would add a gravy sauce to the sausage and veggies. The gravy will be made with the broth and a roux adding a little worcheshire sauce to the gravy as well. Once the gravy is warmed with the veggies, I would toss it with the penne to coat. Many people don't think of gravy on pasta, but it really is quite delicious and is a great alternative to red sauce and isn't full of all the fat from a white sauce.
Mrs_Groban Mrs_Groban 9 years
I would also make a hearty soup with things I always have on hand like canned beans (black, kidney, cannellini, etc.), spinach, garlic, onions, diced tomatoes, some sort of pasta. Perhaps carrots, celery, etc. Yummy!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Hmmmm chicken scarparella...
t-and-co t-and-co 9 years
I was going to say rissoto as well! :) Great minds think a like. Alas, for a second choice, a take on Italian Wedding Soup. Removing the sausage from it's casing it'll roll it into mini meatballs. I'd quickly brown them in a pan with some olive oil, meanwhile in a large stock pot sautee garlic, and onions. Once onions were tender deglaze pot with chicken broth and bring to boil. Add I can of drained escarole. Add meatballs, and bay leafs to flavor.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 9 years
yumm! i would too would take the sausage out of the casing and brown. Take the sausage out onto a new plate and in the same pan add a Tblsp butter, olive oil and sautee garlic. Add a cup of white wine, half a cup of chicken broth, salt and pepper to taste and the mushrooms and simmer. Meanwhile boil water and add some penne pasta. Once pasta is cooked toss into the wine/broth mixture. top with lots of parmesan cheese.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
oh, geez. i don't know at all.
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