Here's the scenario: you are at home and hungry for food. You have to cook up something scrumptious for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/ spouse/child/friend, but the ingredients you have on hand are limited.

This week's trio of ingredients come from a suggestion made by reader WildHeavenFarm. In her kitchen, she has fresh shrimp, sweet potatoes, and coconut milk. Using these products, along with whatever you currently have on hand in your cupboard and refrigerator, what would you make?

To see what I would make,


  1. I would start by peeling and slicing the sweet potatoes into French fries, and season with salt and pepper. I would heat some frying oil in a large pot to fry the sweet potatoes.
  2. Meanwhile I would cook some chopped garlic in oil in a saute pan. I would add the shrimp, red pepper flakes, and a little curry powder and cook everything together for a minute. Next I would add the coconut milk and cook over moderately high heat until the shrimp is cooked and the sauce has thickened.
  3. I would garnish both the shrimp and sweet potato fries with either fresh cilantro or basil and serve the two together as a tasty meal!

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