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What Is Your Favorite Kind of Pie?

Today is National Peach Pie Day, and while I love peach pie, I actually prefer apple. How about you, what's your favorite kind of pie?
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Baby-Dove Baby-Dove 10 years
Blackberry all the way for me.
jenemite jenemite 10 years
coconut cream pie is my fav!
darkoblivion darkoblivion 10 years
I LOVE apple pie! To die for!
tkoblondee tkoblondee 10 years
Chocolate Cream!!
pmlayden pmlayden 10 years
my mom makes a great rhubarb/ strawberry pie... yum. also, i love anything with raspberry.
Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 10 years
Oh, I love pie too. Mostly the cream-type. Key lime being my top fave. With graham crust made with REAL butter. Mmmmmm.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
Peach for Me.
jenxgirl08 jenxgirl08 10 years
Can't go wrong with Key Lime Pie!! YUM!
kstraw23 kstraw23 10 years
pumpkin and then derby. anything pumpkin is fabulous. i always get a little sad that most restaurants only have pumpkin stuff seasonally because i could eat it year round!
Punkingirl Punkingirl 10 years
I love sweet potato pie!!!
City-Love City-Love 10 years
Banana Cream!!
thisbulimicwar thisbulimicwar 10 years
il only eat pumpkin, key lime, lemon marainge and raspberry/blackberry pies...mmmmmmmmm
darkbeauty darkbeauty 10 years
mocelebgossisme mocelebgossisme 10 years
mo celeb = apple mo celeb hubby = pumpkin... 2 traditionalists! ;-)
naya377 naya377 10 years
I like plum pie, plum tart, plum anything in summer!
rachmolly rachmolly 10 years
key lime
windynini windynini 10 years
i like the mcdonald's apple pies, lol, but I voted to the strawberry one. I love strawberries
laurafox laurafox 10 years
Pumpkin pie from Henry's Marketplace. It's too good!
lanuchan lanuchan 10 years
i love pumpkin piee!
susanec susanec 10 years
Lemon, blueberry and key lime definitely need to be on the list...
Celine87 Celine87 10 years
Cheese or Raspberry !!
charley charley 10 years
Chocolate Cream...
valepere valepere 10 years
Uhmm all of the above, and even beyond? :)
gaellemj gaellemj 10 years
Sorry, being French I'm not a fan of american-style pie. La Tarte au citron, meringuée or not (lemon pie with or without meringue) is my favorite pie. I love pies, because I love fruits and sablés, and pies are a great mix of both, and I love cooking them. And I'm quite good at pâtisserie!
EML13 EML13 10 years
Blueberry or Key Lime!
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