You've all found yourself trapped in that unfortunate slow-motion moment when heads snap towards your direction, friends snicker with laughter, hostesses cry out with worry, and your cheeks turn red with embarrassment. You desperately try to block this moment from your memory but you can't (which is okay, because I'm sure DearSugar would say it's better to let it all out and deal with the repercussions). What I'm talking about here is the moment after your party foul. As much as I would love to say that I've never made a party foul, I just can't. If I never party fouled, I probably wouldn't be that much of a partyer - so I learn from my party fouls and they make me that much stronger (as a partyer).

About two years ago I was out to dinner in LA with the family. I was so excited about the arrival of the appetizer (I think it was pate but I'm not 100% sure) that when I reached for the tiny tasty toasts I knocked over an entire glass of RED wine spilling it directly onto my crisp WHITE Chloe jeans. I panicked (I only have one pair of Chloe jeans) and ran towards the bathroom. There was no way I could wear the red-stained jeans and ripped them off, passed them over to my mom (who asked a waiter for salt to help remove the stain), and prayed that she would somehow get the stain out. Luckily my older brother was wearing a pair of basketball shorts underneath his pants so I threw my hair in a ponytail, pulled on the bball shorts, slipped on my heels, and called myself sporty chic. In the end the stain come out and I learned from the party foul: drink white wine when wearing expensive white jeans. How about you readers, what was your worst party foul moment?