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Burning Question: Does Cheese Have a Season?

I've always wondered: if fruits, vegetables, seafood, and certain types of meat are in season at different times of the year, shouldn't cheese have a peak season, too?

Yes and no; the answer depends on the cheese. I asked cheese expert Juliana Uruburu to elaborate. "Spring and Summer are best for young, fresh cheeses," she explained. "Cows are feasting on grasses and brambles, and have a complex, bright, floral-fruity flavor." For this reason, cheeses made during the summertime tend to be the most vibrant.

As the seasons change, so do animals' diets. By Fall, cows are grazing less on fresh grasses, and more on dry grasses such as straw and hay. And come Winter, they'll be keeping warm in the barn — and the less animals move, the fattier their milk will be. Winter tends to be the time when cheeses are at their richest.


All of these variants, of course, pertain to artisanal cheese. Those made in massive quantities by big-name brands are carefully blended to ensure flavor is consistent from one experience to another. You're unlikely to see any variation in these cheeses throughout the year.

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lovesitc1 lovesitc1 6 years
Thanks Susannah. There's a great cheesemonger near me. I'm gonna have to stop in and see if they carry it.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 6 years
lovesitc, Barely Buzzed is AMAZING! I tried it this year at Fancy Foods. As soon as I can track it down I'll be buying some more for my nighttime snacking indulgence. It has an amazing rind that's edible. I'm not much of a cheese rind eater, but this stuff is something else.
lovesitc1 lovesitc1 6 years
Thanks "Anonymous" :) Sounds interesting.
lovesitc1 lovesitc1 6 years
What's the kind of cheese in the picture? Looks like a wine rinded type of cheese, maybe a drunken goat cheese? Looks heavenly!
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
My favorite season for cheese--in my mouth!
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