I can't believe it's just about time to set the clocks forward. I know it means more light during the day, which means going home when it's still light outside, but still, I'm going to miss that extra hour of sleep.

To help cope with daylight savings time, White Castle has announced "Daylights Cravings Time." Between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m on Sunday Mar. 9, just prior to the time change, White Castle will be giving two free slyders to anyone who visits. Jamie Richards, White Castle's director of marketing, said:

On March 9, we refuse to lose an hour so we're offering two free burgers to cravers who come in for this late-night celebration. When it comes to being proactive, Cravers are ahead of the pack — so what better way to acknowledge this than with some free tasty burgage on us.

Tasty burgage indeed.

Now tell me, will you stay up late just to enjoy a free snack?