As National Tea Month wraps up, we're still filling you in on all things white tea. Although green tea tends to get most of the credit when it comes to health benefits, white tea is actually the least processed form of tea. Translation: it contains even more nutrients than the black or green varieties. Curious? Keep reading to learn more about white tea.

White tea has a naturally sweet, delicate, slightly perfumed taste. It gets its name from the fine, silvery white hairs on the buds of the tea plant. Until recently, it was more or less unknown outside of China, but major health benefits have helped it grow in popularity. Not only is it the least processed tea, but it also contains less caffeine than black or green varieties, so it's great for anyone hoping to reduce their caffeine intake. Even better? White tea contains the highest antioxidant levels, which help to prevent cancer and slow the aging process.

Reap the health benefits yourself by trying one of these popular varieties of white tea:

  • Silver Needle: Made of only the silvery white buds themselves, this variety of white tea is by far the finest and most famous. As with all types of white tea, expect to pay a bit more to enjoy its light, delicate flavor. For the best quality, shop online.
  • White Peony: This type of white tea is the second finest, thanks to a combination of both buds and leaves. You can expect a stronger, slightly sweeter taste as well as a darker color.
  • Long Life Eyebrow: Named for the long, thin leaves used in production, this tea is harvested after the finer white tea varieties, so it has a slightly lower ranking. Still, it has a mild taste and a silky sweet flavor frequently compared to oolong tea.
  • Tribute Eyebrow: Leaves from the Xiao Bai tree create this type, and since it's a bit more processed, it's considered a lower grade tea. Prefer drinks that pack a bit more punch? Try this variety — it has a stronger, more earthy flavor than the other white teas.

Have you ever tried white tea? What do you like about it?

Source: Flickr User Mers