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Who Had the Most Challenging Ingredients on The Next Iron Chef?

Week three of The Next Iron Chef was all about resourcefulness, so the chefs had to prove themselves by cooking with wild-grown ingredients on wobbly outdoor tables. The six chefs were divided into pairs, and each one chose ingredients for his "partner." Then, the foods — including escargot, wild flowers, and dandelion greens — were loaded into coolers and transported to outdoor cooking stations with very limited supplies. [ALERT: Spoilers ahead.]

I was surprised by how much difficulty the chefs had lighting their grills; I mean, it's not like they didn't have charcoal. But I was impressed with what they created with ingredients that didn't even sound like they'd taste good together. Chef Symon really blew everyone out of the water by making polenta, serving his quail family-style, and mixing up a refreshing berry drink. Gavin and Morou said goodbye, and Aaron Sanchez survived by the hair of his goatee. Whose ingredients do you think were hardest to work with?


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veside veside 9 years
I think the chefs are a lot nicer than the judges... esp that Bon Appetit jerk--totally agree with powerpuff girl on this one! Besh & Symon likeliest top 2.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
All the iron chefs HAVE to have big Egos. Do you know what it takes to be a celebrity Chef? the hard work, the desire, the belief, the HOURS?
laurelm laurelm 9 years
I actually think they act with class and respect for each other, unlike Top Chef.
watts watts 9 years
I've been trying to like this show. However everyone has such a huge ego, it's a turn off. Especially Besh, for some reason, I want to punch the guy every time his orange face is on the screen.
Powerpuffgirl Powerpuffgirl 9 years
And how much of a JERK was the Bon Apetit judge on Aaron?? I think he's making this personal because one of the other judges even questioned why he was picking on Aaron.
Diana172 Diana172 9 years
Snails and lilies... How mean is that? I would just give up right there.
fragiletearz fragiletearz 9 years
totally Aaron...Escargot? Cmon that was mean! LOL
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