Remember that scene in Arrested Development where they host a dinner inside of the prison? Turns out that might not be such a ludicrous idea after all. Diners in Pisa, Italy are swarming to an exclusive restaurant located inside a top security prison - one where all the chefs, waiters and staff are robbers, murderers and mobmen.

The patrons eat their meals in a deconstructed chapel next to the 60ft-high walls, watch towers, and security cameras belonging to Fortezza Medicea. While inside they dine on a signature vegetarian menu that has been cooked up by a someone who's serving life for murder - he's part of the 20 person team of chefs, kitchen hands and waiters who have all been through strict security checks and are constantly supervised by armed prison wardens.

The restaurant opened two months ago, but is so popular, Italy is considering doing this in other jails.

Source: Spluch