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Why Be Famous When You Can Be Almost Famous?

Before you can be famous, you need to be almost famous. The folks at S.Pellegrino understand this concept and are giving more than 60 culinary students the opportunity to claim their fame. In the 6th Annual S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Competition, students work their way to the finals by competing in regional contests. More than 30 top culinary schools in the US and Canada are participating and students will be given the opportunity to go head-to-head against each other in front of a panel of judges.

Once they've excelled in their region, they are able to proceed to the final event at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley. The event takes place March 7–10 and consists of three categories: Harvest Mystery Basket, Signature Dish, and People's Choice. This year the event will be hosted by Top Chef season-one-winner Harold Dieterle and Sopranos star Lorraine Bracco.

When asked about the competition Harold said:

"The restaurant industry has all the qualities of a real-life competition. Almost Famous sets up these young
chefs to feel comfortable and thrive in these high-pressure situations, which is why so many of the students leave the competition and go on to work for some of the best restaurants in the country."

This indeed may be true. Last year's winner, Ranbir Batra, was able to experience work opportunities he never would have had otherwise, including working alongside Sara Moulton. In addition to new culinary adventures, the overall winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize.


that picture is so unflattering, and the more i stare at it the more i start to get uneasy....
LeaSFCali LeaSFCali 9 years
Not a flattering pic of Harold. It doesn't showcase is personality which TOTALLY makes him a cutie...
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 9 years
Harold is a humble and honest chef who does it for the love of it!!!
mamaseacat mamaseacat 9 years
Harold is such a nice guy which is why he deserved to win Top Chef. Kudos to him and his efforts to help others achieve success.
NdHebert NdHebert 9 years
My school participates in this contest everyyear.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Ooo, bad picture. really bad.
LaPrincessa78 LaPrincessa78 9 years
I agree with brookrene that this is not the best photo of Harold I've ever seen, but I like him. He was great on Top Chef,and his restaurant (at least from what I've read about it) is doing really well in New York. Under normal circs, I think he's pretty cute. Perhaps next time, he won't make the weird double-chin pose.
biz biz 9 years
He looks simple.
That is one unattractive male!
brookrene brookrene 9 years
okay, okay, okay...i know this post is about food...but i just have to point out that this is totally NOT a good picture of Harold. What happened?
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