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Living an active, healthy, and sporty lifestyle requires some serious hydration, and the new Brita Bottle is the perfect reusable way to drink up while respecting Mother Earth. This BPA-free bottle comes in two vibrant colors and filters tap water, leaving you with great-tasting, refreshing water while you're on the go.

Because we're so excited about reducing water bottle waste, we're giving away five Brita Bottles and five Brita FilterForGood Trek bikes with Bontrager helmets to help you work up a thirst! To enter for your chance to win, simply leave a comment below telling us where you'd like to take the new Brita Bottle. Don't forget to log in and read our rules here. Good luck!

After entering this contest, be sure to check out the Brita FilterForGood Facebook page and follow @FilterForGood on Twitter for promotions, news, and tips on going green. Enjoy!

Healthnutz Healthnutz 5 years
My old Brita bottle w/fresh H2O is always w/me when I work out and would definitely luv to cycle around w/Brita.
asavdharia7 asavdharia7 5 years
I would take the Brita bottle hiking with me in the White Mountains!!
iampalegreen iampalegreen 6 years
I'd love to win this! I bring water with my where ever I go and a reusable bottle would be so handy!
isahrangme isahrangme 6 years
i would take it biking along the santa ana river trail. i can join the trail close to where i live, and bike it towards the ocean OR the mountains! how awesome is THAT!
MsMeeky MsMeeky 6 years
I need this Brita Water Bottle to stay Hydrated Daily!!
Bridey123 Bridey123 6 years
I'd take it to Brisbane Australia with me. It's very humid there so I'll be needing plenty of water! ;)
ophelia1418 ophelia1418 6 years
On my monthly shopping trips to the city.
Tynante Tynante 6 years
Where wouldn't I take my Brita bottle? Work, shopping, knitting, mommy & me yoga classes, training for the LA marathon next March, in my purse, in my car. My Brita bottle would come with me everywhere!
LmAddox LmAddox 6 years
Im obsessed with having water with me at all times, so I would take it everywhere! The weather has been so wonderful where I live that I've been riding my local "rails to trails" bike paths, so it would be great to have a new bike as well, especially since a Trek is my dream bike!!!
speedi25 speedi25 6 years
It gets really hot in California, having a water bottle on hand is essential. I'd definitely would take the new Brita Bottle everywhere i go especially on hiking trips.
deb-meyers deb-meyers 6 years
The coast of Maine, USA!
stefina stefina 6 years
i would love to bike ride to work and save on gas & co2 emissions! Plus stay hydrated of course :)
erinb erinb 6 years
I need help drinking my 8 glasses/day...this smart bottle could def help!
danaruth danaruth 6 years
I'd take it to my pre-natal yoga class! Being pregnant means drinking even more water than usual, and I'd like a good reusable bottle for when I'm out and about.
sereeeeeena sereeeeeena 6 years
I would take my Britta Bottle to work to encourage me to drink more water throughout the day. :)
bandstand1102 bandstand1102 6 years
definitely take it to the beach this summer
moecat307 moecat307 6 years
Since I live in Hawaii I'm always outdoors biking, hiking, running, swimming, or walking on the beach but this summer I'll be going to Kauai (another Hawaiian island) and hiking the Napali Coast, probably the most perfect hike with a Brita water bottle!
coolusername coolusername 6 years
I'll take it on vacation--starting with a trip to Lake Tahoe.
Healthnutz Healthnutz 6 years
I always bring my Brita water bottle every place I go. The bicycle would be GREAT to ride every day it is not snowing or raining here while my yellow lab jogs along!
MaiMai33 MaiMai33 6 years
I would take it on walks with my son.
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