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Win a Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker!

There's nothing like deliciously creamy, homemade ice cream. While it's a treat almost everyone enjoys, it's not a dessert everyone makes, as it requires a special piece of culinary equipment.

If you can't live another Summer without an ice cream maker, get excited because we're giving away this Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker! Start researching ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt recipes because one lucky reader will win this stainless steel kitchen gadget. Imagine all of the ice cream sandwiches you can make!

To enter to win this incredible prize, you must log in and take the fun ice cream maker quiz below. Your eligibility is not based on getting the answers correct, just by completing the quiz once you are logged in. You do, however, need to be a TeamSugar member, and you must log in before taking the quiz. If you're not already a member, register here for an account. One quiz entry per person, as all repeat quizzes will be ignored.

The contest is open to US residents only and ends on July 2, 2008, at 5:00 p.m. PDT. Click here for official rules. Enjoy and good luck!

This quiz has been closed and is over.

  • The average score is 2.2 or 56%
Top Scorers
100%  cathy2406
100%  Robert McGrew
100%  maggie58
100%  SHIRLEY Younger
100%  enicoll
100%  alig
100%  catmanxxx9
100%  Diane Chenier
100%  Meagan F
100%  LissaC
goatimpact goatimpact 9 years
Wow, does this make gelato too?
jenemite jenemite 9 years
mmmm homemade icecream would be great right now!
soonergirl99 soonergirl99 9 years
Great products and giveaway!
wlctexx wlctexx 9 years
Looks good.
saturdaynightfe saturdaynightfe 9 years
Sweet niblets!
joeysmuneca joeysmuneca 9 years
I have wanted one of these for so long; well, since it first came out! I have a craving for some home made ice cream. Ya'll can all come and eat some.
missybeetoo missybeetoo 9 years
Now I want some chocolate ice cream!!! :)
poet101 poet101 9 years
This would be great for summer.
bouldertodd bouldertodd 9 years
johnjr67 johnjr67 9 years
Hope all go well
kimbers867 kimbers867 9 years
I would love to win this! I got our ice cream maker from a friend, it is about 10 years old. LOL
marc123 marc123 9 years
nice prize
agarner4 agarner4 9 years
A hard contest but worth it for a chance to win a great ice cream machine
wendymeows wendymeows 9 years
Nothing is better than home made ice cream!
Basketgirl Basketgirl 9 years
This would be alot of fun. Our family just loves ice cream. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
rangrace rangrace 9 years
These are way too Fabulous and would love to own one that's for sure!
tammyohagan tammyohagan 9 years
~~~ Count me in too, please ~~~ We use to make ice cream with a churn, salt and cream, from our cow :) Thanks!
barblong barblong 9 years
Looks like an awesome ice cream maker!!
llkee llkee 9 years
Please, I could use some good karma today!!
BWilcox BWilcox 9 years
Homemade ice cream is the best!
Swen Swen 9 years
Only 1/4! I am very disappointed in myself. I should know more about ice cream since I love it so much. I hope hope hope I win! I've always wanted to buy an ice cream maker, but I always convince myself it's impractical. But it's a whole different story if I win it.
maggie58 maggie58 9 years
I would love to win this ice-cream maker. I am addicted to ice cream but would be able to make less fattening ones with my own machine. Love this giveaway
tina9157 tina9157 9 years
Would love to have this, it would be fun to make our own icecream. :)
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