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Getting fit just got more rewarding.

Nike is giving away two pairs of Nike Free XT Quick Fit + shoes! Specially designed to let feet move freely, these shoes ignite more muscles throughout your entire body so you can build balance and flexibility while getting stronger with every step.

Check out the video to learn more, then leave us a comment and tell us how you plan to train to the power of Nike Free for a chance to win!

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kudi101 kudi101 3 years
I want to do track with my shoes. I also just want shoes that with be both pretty and comfortable, because I do a lot of walking everyday. It would be fantastic if I win these shoes. Even if I don't, thank you because I at least know you considered me. Thank You.
lisachamussy lisachamussy 4 years
defiantly use them at the gym! While on the treadmill with my current ones today, the soles were falling apart :( id love a pair of these! sadly cant afford them :(
xacutie xacutie 5 years
Need to get my hands on a pair of these. When you have the right gear you get great results from HARD work. You get out what you put in train hard look fab. Id love a pair!!! These will just enhance my training hook me up please!!
shellylovesapples shellylovesapples 6 years
I plan to use these to stop thinking abut what I would like to do, but "Just do it"!!
Womenfest Womenfest 6 years
Gonna walk, walk, walk , walk!
stef42678 stef42678 6 years
What a great video! I would use the Nike shoes to get fit for the new year and train for a marathon! I would love to win and accomplish this running goal.
zupamum zupamum 6 years
I would use my new Nike shoes to work on my balance issues and power walk with my dogs!
NikeRun2007 NikeRun2007 6 years
I'd start running again to help my endurance during my roller derby games...and run a few half marathons this season
Marianela Marianela 6 years
those shoes seem pretty hard core, they will really be a motivation for me so just love jogging everyday at the park or use them really to go in colombia where i live you dont see those kinds of hi tech shoes they would really make it here as latin american people are so obsessed with beauty and fitness. what do i have to do to win them!!!
carolynishis carolynishis 6 years
I would be more motivated if i had a pair of these.
I would use them to do my couch to 5k.
carolynishis carolynishis 6 years
I plan to walk several miles a day in the shoes.
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