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Win Winter Warmth: Columbia's Jacket and Hat Giveaway

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Riddle me this: it's winter and basically subzero temps outside BUT you're tired of wearing a plain-Jane-sensible jacket (that, let's face it, kind of looks like a less-fitted sleeping bag). So what's a freezing fashionista to do?

Easy! Enter to win the latest and warmest gear from Columbia, of course. Five lucky winners will get Columbia's Kaleidaslope Jacket featuring Omni-Heat. Omni-Heat uses little silver dots (kind of like a space blanket) applied to the inside of the jacket to reflect heat back to you. It's also breathable, so you'll never OVER heat. Each jacket jackpot winner will also get the Peak Ascent Peruvian Hat (also armed with Omni-Heat technology) to keep your brain-freeze at bay.

Tell us how you will put the Columbia Kaleidaslope jacket and Peak Ascent Peruvian hat to use. Leave a comment below for a chance to win.

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sputnikchic24 sputnikchic24 3 years
I'd love to win this since I have absolutely no snow clothes :( I love the snow but can't ever stay warm in it with my mediocre wardrobe.
Tricia8 Tricia8 6 years
I would use this jacket as my winter coat to keep me warm in the New England winter weather. It will definitely keep me warm since we have had a lot of snow and cold weather already.
odowd824 odowd824 6 years
Hello! I am a college student at the University of Michigan. I am from St. Charles, Missouri and am SO not used to how cold it is up here in Michigan. Being a college student, I of course have hardly any money and am currently living on frozen waffles and lucky charms cereal! This jacket and hat would really help me out! It is FREEZING walking from my apartment to classes! Thanks xoox
Raven13 Raven13 6 years
I WON this AWESOME prize!! God Bless all of you at PopSugar.... all the Sugars!!! I'll live up to my comment and stay warm in style in New England with the Patriots!! Go Pats and Happy Holidays to all!!! :-)
starzine starzine 6 years
I would love to win this.
acthomps acthomps 6 years
I'd use the winter jacket and hat for when my adventurous boyfriend and I go winter camping in upstate New York!
marcelleny marcelleny 6 years
as i wear the coat and hat on winter the streets of nyc and queens, i'll be a walking advertisement for columbia and everyone will be envious of how warm i look and feel!
jmfolker jmfolker 6 years
I live in Georgia, so it doesn't get too cold here, but during the months of January and February, and nice warm Columbia jacket would be put to good use.
Tobster1 Tobster1 6 years
Whilen the temps don't get that low here, it can be surprisingly bone-chilling if you spend time outdoors. I'd love to be able to enjoy the crisp winter days in our local parks without becoming a shivering mess!
firre firre 6 years
helobuff helobuff 6 years
With no car I walk everywhere and waiting on buses in the cold, wind and snow.. all the time! This coat and hat would get more than its fair share of winters from me! My last coat I have had for more than 5 years and its time for a new one!
crazypplrok crazypplrok 6 years
I would use it walking from my apartment to college everyday!
Spartygirl03 Spartygirl03 6 years
So cute! I would definitely wear these while trekking through the city and hopefully getting into a snowball fight with my husband once we get a good snow in NYC!
ILoveEgypt ILoveEgypt 6 years
I'd wear them to stay warm this winter!
FrankThePO FrankThePO 6 years
I would wear them to stay warm! Thank you.
ChantelLeilani ChantelLeilani 6 years
This would be great to keep me n the new BABY BUMP warm this winter!!
queenoftheclick queenoftheclick 6 years
I would give this jacket to my best friend for Christmas because she is always cold. Also she would look great in the Tarte colored Colombia jacker. I would love for her to actually feel warm in NYC in the winter. The hat is super cute as well and she is the type of person who looks great in a hat
MuffinHeart MuffinHeart 6 years
I'll put this coat and hat to good use in the bitter cold Chicago winter! They'll keep me toasty warm as I wait for the bus and walk around the city. :)
MuffinHeart MuffinHeart 6 years
I'll put them to good use in the bitter cold Chicago winters! They'll keep me cold as I wait for the bus and as I walk around the city. :)
Sunnymay Sunnymay 6 years
The Peruvian Hat will keep my ears warm while out in the Lake Effect Snow. The coat will keep me dry and warm my backside while scraping ice off my windshield using a telescopic snow brush. Snow showers are set for Black Friday.
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