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Wine Review of 2008 Kruger-Rumpf Müntsterer Rheinberg Riesling Kabinett

Happy Hour: 2008 Kruger-Rumpf Müntsterer Rheinberg Riesling

I have a confession to make, and I'll be blaming this one on the frosty pitcher: I've been much more into punch cocktails this Summer, and a lot less into wine. I was a little worried the phase might take a while to pass — but then I tried Kruger-Rumpf's Riesling Kabinett ($18).

This wine comes from the Lower Nahe region of Germany, a wine-producing area that's best known for its Riesling. And a wonderful Riesling this is. It begins with hints of petrol and pear, but midway through I detected very floral notes of rose. And while it starts on the dry side, a sip ends with a very sweet, yet tart finish.

In a seemingly impossible feat, I didn't finish the entire bottle in one sitting, and the screwcap kept the wine in very drinkable condition — even after several days. Have you ever had Kruger-Rumpf? What's your favorite Riesling?

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