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Cooking Basics
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I love finding good deals on wine, but I don't want my budget buys to taste cheap. That's why I can't wait to use, a cool web site that does nothing but offer amazing deals on fine wines.

But don't go to Wine.Woot expecting a huge selection, because the unusual store only sells one wine at a time. Every week, Wine.Woot gets a surplus of one kind of wine and sells the "woot" for way below retail price until the inventory is gone. This week, it's selling the appropriately Halloween-named Poizin from Armida Winery. And though the prices are low, the wines are anything but cheap-o. According to the web site:

If you’re just getting hip to the whole wine trip, we’ll be offering a variety of premium, ultra-premium, and mega-super-premium wines from known wineries. Most of the time, anyway. On the rare occasion that we uncork some off-brand rotgut, we’ll tell you. And we just might throw the odd wine accessory at you, if we’re feeling puckish.

Wine.Woot grew out of another web site, the wildly popular, which may be familiar to any gadget geeks out there. Dealing in tech and electronics, the original Woot sells a different product every day. Maybe if Wine.Woot goes well, it will start offering daily deals instead of just weekly ones. Have any of you used it?

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