Celebrity chef to the celebs, Wolfgang Puck has just announced several new animal welfare policies that he and his restaurants will be putting into place. In a joint press release with the Humane Society, Puck has released a nine-point program aimed at raising the bar on farm animal treatment.

"I have regularly spent weekends at my local farmers markets and farms, getting to know my vendors, their animals and their animal treatment programs. As my companies have grown much bigger, we must now develop formal policies to maintain our exacting standards."

The polices in his nine-point program are:

  • The elimination of foie gras (fattened duck & geese livers) from his restaurants.
  • No longer allow the use of eggs from hens confined in battery cages.
  • No pork from producers that confine breeding sows in gestation crates.
  • No veal from producers that confine calves in individual veal crates.

To see the rest of the policies,

  • More vegetarian options for consumers who want to eat humanely.
  • More certified organic selections, for those concerned about the environment.
  • Puck will send letters to companies' chicken & turkey suppliers indicating interest in more humane slaughter methods.
  • Only serve chicken & turkey from farms that are audited for compliance with progressive animal welfare standards.
  • Only serve sustainable seafood.

Personally I think these are great steps (although we can argue for a while on foie gras...), and am glad to hear that he is doing this across the board and not just for one item. Nor does it seem like a trendy thing, it seems like something he's personally involved in (even this year's Oscar menu was all organic). Although it must be mentioned, that for the time being, Pucks' chefs will continue to kill lobsters by cutting them in half alive, instead of using a stun gun, and that skate and Russian caviar are still on his menus (they're on Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch "avoid" list).

Source: PR Newswire