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Woman Breaks World Record For Eating World's Hottest Chiles

Woman Breaks World Record For Eating World's Hottest Chiles

For some spice lovers, jalapeno-laden hamburgers just won't do. Take Anandita Dutta Tamuly, a 26-year-old woman from Assam, India, who set a Guinness world record last week when she consumed 51 of the world's hottest chile peppers in only two minutes. She also rubbed 24 of the same chile peppers in her eyes over the span of one minute.

Overseeing the feat with a watchful eye was none other than chef Gordon Ramsay, who was in India filming for a British TV program. The reality show host and restaurateur could only consume one of the peppers before screaming for water. Measuring in at 1 million Scoville heat units, the bhut jolokia is known to the be world's hottest known chile pepper (jalapenos, in comparison, contain roughly 2,500 to 8,000 Scovilles.)

A single seed from this pepper is known to cause puffy, watering eyes, a runny nose, and a burning sensation that may last for up to five hours. So how did she manage to defy the laws of nature? The mother of one explained:

I have been eating bhut jolokia since my childhood and never felt the hotness in my mouth. When I was five, I had a sore tongue and my mother applied a chili paste to cure the infection. Since then I developed a penchant for chiles. To be honest, I barely notice them now.

I'm shocked to hear that this record was humanly possible — especially considering the tragic death that occurred last year after a UK man consumed too much spicy sauce. What do you think of the stunt: is it amazing, or simply incredibly foolish?


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caramelqtee75 caramelqtee75 8 years
it may go in easy, but its coming out rough! I'll pray for her.
ella1978 ella1978 8 years
Can you even imagine what that felt like coming back out the other end? Sorry to be foul, but that must have burned like the dickens!!! Ouch.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
Amazing and no I would not attempt it. What did she win?
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Wow, she must not get a histamine reaction from those things at ALL. That's completely insane, but it's also possible. You just have to make sure that you work up to it slowly and gradually. As your body gets used to the substance, it starts ignoring it. I don't think I'd ever try something like that though...chili peppers in the eyes sounds like a really bad time.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Good lord...
amandaaa amandaaa 8 years her eyes. you're serious?
Food Food 8 years
She actually DID land a world record for rubbing 24 bhut jolokia in her eyes in one minute. Crazy. And, I agree, just a tad unnecessary.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
wow , she rocks!
Calimie Calimie 8 years
Well, if she can stand it with no problem, good for her. She won a lot of money now and I understand she doesn't do that everyday or anything, so it's all right. I'd like to be able to do that, *sigh*
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 8 years
Let's not jump to conclusions about why she did what she did - excessive from our standpoint doesn't always translate to ridiculous in another culture.
hope2be hope2be 8 years
The rubbing them in her eyes is just too much. I can't imagine that. ARGH. What's that for, is that required? Well, I have huge 'immunity' toward spicy stuffs, so do all of my family members (especially my mom), we're just sooo used to spicy food and the spicier the better, so I'm not surprised she's exploiting her 'abnormality' for this type of thing (is she getting paid by any chance? I sure hope it's not only like she only gets a t-shirt). :p
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
This is crazy! I guess I can see how your taste buds and stomach would get used to the spice, but why did she need to rub them in her eyes?!?!
soapbox soapbox 8 years
I don't understand. Why did she rub them in her eyes? I didn't find it foolish until I read that part. Total overkill.
margokhal margokhal 8 years
Sounds like she's built up a tolerance/has an immunity for them, so I don't think this was either foolish [in this particular case] OR amazing. She's "exploiting" an abnormal condition in her body for gain, just like Takeru Kobayashi [the guy that can eat 55-something hot dogs in 12 minutes at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating competition each year] has a disorder, I think it's a hernia of some kind, that extends his stomach downward rather than outward, allowing him to consume massive amounts of food without feeling the pinch that most people do. Not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just what happens. Doesn't make it amazing or foolish. It would be foolish for any person who knows they DON'T have any of these conditions to attempt these things - that's just stupid. At any rate, the rub in the eyes was unnecessary. UN-NECESSARY. It's not like she got in the book for that, right?!
Seka21 Seka21 8 years
Wasnt there a study recently that showed the seed wasnt the spicy bit but the white stuff that holds the seed in place was the carrier of the heat?? The rubbing in the eyes was totally unnecissary!
partysugar partysugar 8 years
I find this disgusting. Did she really have to rub them in her eyes? Gross!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
It seems foolish to me. I can't imagine that she's not immune in some ways. I just don't understand the whole competitive eating thing, especially after the problems in the last few years.
KJS916 KJS916 8 years
To be honest, I think that she has an immunity to the chile. It is amazing that she does have this immunity, not that she consumed that many of them. However, although her mucus membranes may not sense the heat (eyes, mouth, nose), her stomach may and that is incredibly dangerous. But I guess this is one of those... "what..the...." things. Kind of abnormal and freaky if you ask me. :-P
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