Considering most people can barely leave chocolate untouched for a week, it's amazing that one set of chocolates has been around for over a century. This box of chocolates pictured above hails from St. Andrews, Scotland, and was made especially to commemorate the coronation day of King Edward VII on June 26, 1902. Although the king died just eight years later, the chocolates survived — 106 years, to be exact.

Martha Greig, the original recipient of the confections, passed down the chocolates to her daughter, who later gave it to her daughter, Freida McIntosh. McIntosh has turned the chocolate, along with its collectible box, in to the St. Andrews Preservation Trust. It is considered a contender for the title of world's oldest chocolate.

I'm amazed that someone had the willpower to preserve the chocolate's historical significance, rather than succumbing to immediate temptation. Do you consider this an amazing artifact, or do you think it ought to be headed for the wastebasket?