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Worst Salads

What Are Your Salad Pet Peeves?

A salad is one of the most difficult dishes to perfect. As someone who orders one for lunch daily, I'd argue there are only a few places in town where I can order a salad that's inspired yet affordable, nutritious yet filling, and easy to eat yet properly dressed.

I've come to expect today's gourmet salads to fall short of their double-digit price tags: at a new restaurant last week, I ordered a radicchio, endive, green bean, and roasted carrot salad that was 97 percent bitter greens, two percent green beans, and one percent carrot. A few days later, I dropped by Yigit Pura's Tout Sweet, where I had to reconcile a beautiful beet, orange, candied walnut, and grapefruit salad with the six-inch-long field greens that accompanied it.

Too many chickpeas. Tired, ubiquitous "field greens." Not enough chicken. My list of salad pet peeves could go on and on. What are yours?

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