When I was in Tibet last year, one of the things we tried was yak butter tea. Popular in Tibet and southwestern China, this drink is made from tea, yak butter, and salt. It's very warming, and according to tradition, your cup (or bowl) is constantly refilled and never empty.

Unfortunately, I found it to be quite strong and incredibly salty, with barely any hint of tea. I was trying to figure out how not to get more added to my glass. It was more like salty butter soup, and I — the girl who can eat just about anything — had to force myself to drink it. I should mention that my guidebook actually said it was one of the most revolting things they'd ever had.

I could see where it might be amazingly tasty if you were in a cold wind on a Himalayan mountain top because the fat coating would be quite soothing. However, at a regular cafe, it wasn't quite so nice.

So tell me, would you try yak butter tea, or would you steer away?