Welcome to our new recurring feature, would you eat this? With so many interesting dishes and exotic ingredients out there, I'm dying to know your culinary limitations! I like to believe my adventurous tastebuds will allow me to try anything, but I gag just thinking about digesting bugs or balut.

To get things started I've selected a dish not too high on the gag-o-meter. Stephan of Hands on Gourmet recommends drinking a Bloody Mary the Friday after Thanksgiving in order to cure hangovers and food comas. Not your average Bloody Mary, his is filled with leftover veggies like green beans and cooked carrots. It's garnished with a celery stick and a thick slice of bacon. I think it sounds interesting but might be too much, especially when hung over. I would probably be able to eat one. How about you? Would you eat/drink this Bloody Mary?