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Would You Eat Guinea Pig?

I consider myself an adventuresome eater. This means I'll try anything once and don't get squeamish by the sight of pig legs, fish heads, octopus tentacles, or stomach linings. Still, it's happened to the best of us: sometimes the things people eat are just plain gross. The smell is overpowering and inevitably you lose your appetite.

My sister recently traveled to the mountains of Ecuador where guinea pig is a delicacy. A girl after my own heart, she ordered and sampled the rodent stating that there was not a lot of meat and it was mostly crispy skin with a taste similar to chicken skin. How about you? Would you eat guinea pig, or is reading this making you sick?

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lillies111 lillies111 8 years
oh heaven's no!! Guinea pigs are people too!!! lol no seriously though, they are too cute to eat....and they are love-able not edible.
meganekko meganekko 10 years
it's a delicacy because it's not 'normal' to eat it? wow, i sound ethnocentric don't i? i don't mean it that way. i mean is it a delicacy for that reason? i wouldn't eat it-barf.
ShanaB ShanaB 10 years
im feeling a little sick after this!
JoeyDeckle JoeyDeckle 10 years
Would and have eaten a guinea pig (cuy). Like your sis, there wasn't much meat on mine. It was fried, I'd like to try it spit roasted. Peru just celebrated its second annual Guinea Pig Festival.
xdotx xdotx 10 years
no way
lms lms 10 years
I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food. I have tried alligator, ostrich, boar, goat, rabbit and a few other things. However, I categorize guinea pigs in the rat family....that is what I tell my daughter everytime she asks for one. I would not be able to eat it.
stnybaby stnybaby 10 years
i've had a guinea pig as a pet, but if i was in ecuador, i would try it. a guinea pig is no more "sacred" than a cow or pig or chicken. imo, if you find eating a guinea pig disgusting, then why is eating a chicken or pig or cow any different?
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