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Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 7 years
Red bell peppers = AWESOME! I only eat green ones if they're cooked with garlic, olive oil, onions... etc!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
Love the red. But for sweet peppers I like the Hungarian variety. :) I can live off of those.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I love the yellow bell peppers. Red ones are also really good, but I only really like green peppers when they're roasted or cooked. The raw ones are kinda bitter.
missyd missyd 7 years
red or yellow
juicebox07 juicebox07 7 years
I prefer green, but I like both.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
i love all of them!
muse2323 muse2323 7 years
I used to think I hated all bell peppers, because the only ones my mom seemed to use in dishes were green ones, and I couldn't even stand the smell. And then, one day after a really long bike ride, I was offered a slice or two of raw red pepper; amazingly refreshing and, to my surprise, it became one of my favorite veggies. It's strange when I don't have a couple of colourful peppers in my crisper.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 7 years
I used to only eat green peppers because I thought the other colors were different varieties. Then my farmer nephew set me straight green bell peppers are the first stage of ripening the other colors are more advanced levels of ripening and they taste different. If you hate the bitterness of green bell pepper then try orange, yellow or red. When I want deep flavor I use red bell pepper or orange. A more mellow sweet flavor I use yellow. If I feel nutty I use red, orange and yellow together. But I only use green bell peppers now if I can't afford the other colors. What so weird is I don't understand why the same fruit has three different prices in the grocery store. Yellow and orange are always way more expensive than red and green but their all the same variety of fruit. It's like a store charging more for over ripe bananas vs yellow bananas vs green bananas.
CocoMichelle CocoMichelle 7 years
I love yellow and orange peppers too
sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
I prefer red/yellow/orange to green. I read somewhere that green peppers are the "raw" version, whereas the other colors are the "ripe" ones. Either way, I think it's easier to digest the more colorful ones and it's more visually appealing.
Mavs2980 Mavs2980 7 years
I loathe all bell peppers! I swear if the smallest piece is in a dish, I can taste it. My Mom used to make stuffed bell peppers, and I remember I would cut away the pepper, and just eat the "meatloaf" inside.
limelindsey limelindsey 7 years
I have never liked the green ones...for some reason I feel like their flavor overpowers everything else. I tried them again the other day and yeah, I still don't like them. I love red peppers though!
They're basically the same thing & taste really similar.. BUT: The red is prettier. Lol
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 7 years
Usually red but green just got to go on my cheese steak or italian sausage sandy!
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 7 years
I live red, yellow and orange, don't care for the green ones.
loriborealis loriborealis 7 years
I LOVE green peppers - they are one of my favorite veggies. And I HATE red peppers. I also like yellow & orange... I like all but red.
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
I like both. So I can't choose just one.
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
I hate bell peppers with a passion.
tigr3bianca tigr3bianca 7 years
I too love all bell peppers. I usually use at least two kinds in my cooking.
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
both but what about yellow and orange i love all bell peppers
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