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Would You Watch a 5-Year-Old's Cooking Show?

Would You Watch a 5-Year-Old's Cooking Show?

Last week The Oregonian had an interesting piece about a 5-year-old child who has his own cooking show. On Portland Community Media's show The Big Kitchen With Food, kid chef Julian Kreusser shows viewers how to make chocolate chip zucchini bread, a killer spaghetti sauce, and persimmon smoothies. To learn more about the pint-sized chef and check out a video of his show,


It's possible that before he was teething, Julian was cooking. By the ripe old age of three, he was scrambling eggs and inventing recipes such as toasted green olives. The next year, he decided he wanted to cook on TV. And at his current age, he's already achieved his goal.

"He actually understands what he's doing. He's not just following orders," explains Portland Community Media executive director Sylvia McDaniel. In fact, all of the show's recipes are Julian originals — and so is the show's theme song. More importantly, viewers love him: "It has potential to be a national program," she says.

I'm not sure what to think. On the one hand, both Julian and the show are adorable, but on the flip side, I wonder if he should be on a playground instead of a televised cooking show. Watch the video below and tell me: What do you think of the kid chef?


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BooBoo21 BooBoo21 8 years
He is adorable but his mmom should watch him more carefully around the stove. He is good maybe if he learns to read they could use cue cards. He dosent tell u any of thew measrtments at all. I mean its cute they should air it like every Sat. I mean I love the show. I started critiscizing then I realized I wouldnt like it if someone critizied me on a show like that. He has a lot of guts to do that. I understand why he keeps umming. I mean if u were a kid and did it u would be nervous to. Dont deny it because u know its true. I still get scared speaking in public. I am still a kid but I am way older than him and I am a nervous wreak speaking in front of my class with kids I know well. I wouldn't blame him and neither should u. Like the grama said in one of the comments its nice seeing that kids are going out of the way and try something new I wouldnt have the guts to do it but he did so just stop critizing him. Hes just a kid. If i could I would be doing what I love to do in front of people if I wasn't scared. I think that show should be aired. So forget what I said in my other two comments. He desirves a chance. But he should really cut back on all the ands.
BooBoo21 BooBoo21 8 years
He seriously needs to learn to not use so many ands.
BooBoo21 BooBoo21 8 years
It was adorable but probably not something I would watch. I mean the kid is 5 and the parent is letting him use wine. And I need a Tylonal from all the umms I barley lasted a minute
amelioratelj amelioratelj 8 years
The kid is clearly having fun and doing something he loves to do, and his excitement is infectious. I have to give him props for following his passions and using the world as his classroom. I was unschooled for all of high school, and I have far too much to say on the subject. At any rate, I am happy, healthy, and pursuing a college degree in Sociology. Some people on this thread seem to have a stick up their butts...I don't see what the big deal is. Perhaps you don't know the whole story, everything about the family and about unschooling in general? Calm down.
Peruvian07 Peruvian07 8 years
don't hate because all your kids aren't nearly as adorable as this kid! and if it was so boring why did you all feel the need to take time out of your day to post comments dissing a 5 year old?? you people suck. julian rocks!
melody20 melody20 8 years
no, plz, send the poor kid home to play!
BellaTorro BellaTorro 8 years
I think I would if we could watch chefs from different countiries orgins and age why not a 5 year old more power to him he might be the next Bobby Flay
Thekitcheneer Thekitcheneer 8 years
Thanks for posting comments about the young boy that loves to cook! I am intrigued by the comments and hope that the producers view them as an opportunity to learn what the public likes and does not like about the clip--I know I did! And I tell you what, we produce a show in Denver on 7 local stations with corporate sponsorship--it is a growing segment of The Food Network whether they realize it or not. If Julian is truly passionate, we will welcome him to join us in Denver! Todd Gehrke President The Kitcheneers is a kid's cooking TV show and interactive website that is designed to engage today's youth in an entertaining manner. The Kitcheneers uses cooking to help young viewers learn about shapes, sizes, colors, food groups, health, sanitation, the origin of foods, math, measurements, quantities, and other pertinent life skills oriented around the daily rituals in the kitchen. Feel free to comment on our show--we want to make it better and add value, this feedback (the + and the -) can be very productive!
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
Um and um NO and people bitch about calling RR a chef - ha, chef Julian is not a chef, it's not a cooking show it's a show with a kid trying to cook and not to good at either. Might be popular at grandma's but that's it.
animal-lover-33 animal-lover-33 8 years
P.S. HE'S FIVE GIVE HIM A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
animal-lover-33 animal-lover-33 8 years
legumesf legumesf 8 years
If someone decides to make a show out of this, they must be delusional. It is a cute home video, but, come on, who would want to see this on TV for 30 minutes?
motherdove motherdove 8 years
I was so stunned to read so many negative comments that I actually joined this community in order to add my 2 cents. You guys have got to be kidding me! Such harsh criticisms for a totally adorable, innocent, bright 5 year old? How can adults seriously sit around and condemn a 5-year old for daring to venture beyond the expected, the norm? Because that's all he's really doing, daring to be precocious, curious, different. Bless his little heart! I'm not going to even discuss the whole issue of homeschooling because only an idiot would not want SOMETHING better than a public school education for their child. Homeschooling may or not not be the answer but how can you condemn parents willing to make such a huge personal sacrifice searching for a better life for their children? If you do your research (which most of you obviously don't bother with) you will find that homeschooled children consistently outscore and out-perform public school children. Most of you don't even bother to help your children with their homework! Shame on you! Finally, yes, I watched this entire video, would watch it again and I'm encouraging others to watch it, as well. Why? Because the child is such a stimulating conversationalist? Not quite. Because the video is expertly edited and tweaked? No. I encourage this video because I am a thinking, caring human being and I applaud the efforts of other human beings who dare to evolve beyond raising sugar-addicted, non-reading, video game entranced, overweight, average citizens. Can you imagine that one of you actually complained because the child-chef seemed to love onions? Hard as it may be for some of you to imagine, some of us actually do feed our children something other than Pop-tarts and Sunny Delite! Bottomline, I'd rather watch 30 minutes of this little chef, than 10 minutes of that gabbing Rachel Ray. Still, even if I wouldn't watch his show, I sure wouldn't CONDEMN him for exploring his world and trying to contribute something positive. Grow up, people, and if you can't grow up, don't try to control the television programming of those of us who can - otherwise, we'd all end up watching Dancing with the Stars and Big Brother!
Bunny4U2 Bunny4U2 8 years
EXCUSE ME! This is all about: Would you watch a five-year-old's cooking show? NOT PROS & CONS ABOUT HOMESCHOOLING. Succinctly stated: This so called cooking show belongs in the family's home library; at the present, it does not meet the criteria for success on public television. Safety concern, among others mentioned, is how he licked on the sharp edge of the open can; the mom did not correct or redirect the child regarding the safety issues and consequences. (This was definitely an instructional moment for the parent & she neglected that educational moment--the optimum time for learning.) Would you want your child to watch and model unsafe food preparation practices? NEEDLESS-TO-SAY, This posting was all about a media ploy on behave of the magazine in an effort to collect data and publicity for their magazine, and hopefully pick up a few subscriptions. OPEN YOUR EYES FOLKS, it worked didn't it?
anjuliusia anjuliusia 8 years
I thought it was super cute! I'm not that into kids, either... By the way, "unschooled" because he's too young to go to school. Maybe he'll be starting kindergarden soon, but come on people. It's perfectly normal for a 5 year old to not be in school. I think a lot of you are being a little tough of this idea. It's much less mindless than teletubbies! I say it's a good idea.
Jakap2 Jakap2 8 years
Well, I watched the entire thing... Boy is cute but it's hard to believe he actually invented this recipe. He was not even able to chop any of veggies or onion on the show. The only thing he seemed to like was licking the stuff so no no for this show.
OberonGorgon OberonGorgon 8 years
AAND as far as haircuts go are you NUTS, any shorter and it would be a buzz cut....I am a speed metal headbanger man, let it grow till it reaches his lil butt thats what I say hehehe
perspicacia perspicacia 8 years
This boy is great! It is so interesting that in these hyper sped up times with virtual everything that people have a hard time watching real life in real time with real people. This is how real children communicate. Television, multi-media, technical and mechanized everything, plus psychologists have invented ADD. Julian shows us how real kids act, who really think and who are learning about real life from supportive parents and hands-on experience and doing one of our oldest art forms, cooking. He is learning many other things through this process....And, he grows some vegetables and herbs in his garden, most American kids know nothing about where real food comes from much less how it is grown. He will be a great role model for other children, since so many people have lost the art of cooking, and have moved to processed, genetically modified, chemically altered, plastic foods in packages; our young children's bodies and minds show the results of this turn of events. I'm sure that he has plenty of time for the playground and actually, this is his playground where he is learning his life skills. Good job, parents!! Homeschooling is what has and continues to make him a critical thinker and not a child who is institutionalized and follows the herd. Parents who homeschool listen to their children and intuitively follow their lead, nurturing their childrens unique gifts and skills. In turn, their innate joy for life and learning is fostered by people who truly believe in them and know how to teach them best. Who could hope for a better group of people to inherit this world? There is a lot of great information out there on the successes of those who are and have been homeschooled effectively. I hope Julian gets a national TV show. The TV producers will no doubt "package" him and make him more palatable to the mainstream public who need everything right here right now in perfect color, form and sound, for their short attention spans, but I do feel there are plenty of people out there who will appreciate him and see what an asset he can be to teach their children lots of things. His parents will ensure that he remains true to himself and will find the best forum and audience for his talents. Go little Julian!!
PastryPlum PastryPlum 8 years
Cute kid but I stopped watching after 30 seconds of play. This kid is smart but not smart to direct his cooking. Would be nice if his mother held cue cards for him.
patmuehl patmuehl 8 years
Nope...maybe mom should host and let her little one be creative while she narrates and uses the knives. I'm sure he is adorable to his family and friends.
cccc8888 cccc8888 8 years
I am 12 and my mom has allowed me to comment on his video. I think this kid should not be allowed to have his own show. He needs his moms help and does not give you proper measurements. Besides licking his fingers and eating off the spoon is gross
OberonGorgon OberonGorgon 8 years
BAH u guys r just intolerant! The kid is obviously enjoying what he is doing, give him a break he is 5! I personally thought it was excellent (finger-licking aside, Chefs aint supposed to do that Julian) a little creative editing and some music and it will be fine and dandy! As for the home schooling thing, the dudes parents are obviously of superior intellignce for doing it because schools are for SHIT and I think most of you guys are aware of that!
mommyx5 mommyx5 8 years
I would not watch this show. It was too long and difficult for even the star to stay focus. It appeared to be rehearsed. There are several health and safety issues (i.e child over the stove, standing on a chair, licking his fingers often, etc.). My God, the child didn't know the names of the ingredients (he kept referring to some of the ingredients as "this") therefore, I find it hard to believe that he created the recipe. I think it is developmentally inappropriate and the child may have had more success if mommy allowed him to assist her and maybe have a Julian and Mom show.
Mom2many Mom2many 8 years
So he's licking the spoon/fingers... 5 yr old boys and girls are gross. If you you haven't seen them doing it, it is because they are waiting until you aren't looking!! LOL... But, yeah, I don't even eat after MY kids if they are double-dipping. What can I say? I have a weak stomach. Hey, Julian? Lick the spoon AFTER the show, okay? ;)
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