Call me old-fashioned, but I enjoy the little five-stick packs of gum. They're small and easy to carry, and apparently, on their way out. Yep, they're going the way of the dinosaur thanks to a new move by the Wrigley company. Instead of the simple five-stick rectangular packs, consumers will now be able to purchase sleek and slim envelopes of gum. The slimmer design is part of an effort to revive poor US sales. The packaging has been designed to attract teens and young adults — the folks who chew the most gum.

In addition to new packaging, they're also enhancing the flavors of their gum. The Doublemint, Juicy Fruit, Big Red, and Extra lines are all going to be reformulated to include "significant flavor improvements." They also plan on releasing a new line of gum called Fruit Sensations. The flavors will include Strawberry Banana, Berry Pearadise, Island Cooler, and Sweet Watermelon.

Meanwhile, their Orbit line — which is already slim packed and a hit with consumers — will also get a few new flavors including Sangria Fresca, Fabulous Fruitini, and Fruit Sorbet.

So tell me, do the new flavors interest you? How about the new packaging? Will it sway your gum-buying habits?