Well you voted and now the results are in: As part of our Best of 2008 coverage we asked you what your favorite fast-food restaurant is. Although there was no landslide win, the majority (24 percent) chose Subway. The popular sandwich chain has had a busy year — it's introduced flatbread sandwiches, signed on Michael Phelps as spokesman, and partnered with Starbucks.

We love the soft, doughy rolls filled with sandwich fixings, but after much deliberation, we've chosen Arby's as our editor's choice. When it comes to fast food, if fries aren't involved we're not interested. Arby's curly fries are the ultimate guilty pleasure. We love pairing them with the chain's incredible roast beef and cheddar sandwich and topping it off with creamy horseradish sauce. Do you eat at Arby's?