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Yogen Fruz Custom Blended Frozen Yogurt

Custom Blends: Frozen Yogurt's Newest Trend?

If the new pomegranate flavors from Pinkberry and Red Mango don't do it for you, consider this: what if you had an endless number of flavors to choose from?

High-tech blending processes may be the next big wave in the frozen-yogurt trend. That's what I discovered when I visited the San Francisco outpost of Yogen Früz, a fro-yo chain with a high-tech yogurt concept. First, I chose from single-serving packages of a base yogurt in various flavors (low-fat vanilla, nonfat vanilla, or low-fat chocolate) with probiotic cultures.

Then I chose two toppings out of a large selection that included frozen fruits (strawberries, cherries, mangoes, lychees, blueberries, etc.) and dry toppings (Cap'n Crunch, almonds, coconut flakes, granola, and the like). Together they went into a proprietary machine. Twenty seconds later, I was enjoying my lychee mango vanilla creation, which was whipped, creamy, and studded with icy chunks of mango and lychee.

Yogen Früz may have pioneered the idea, but — with specially designed yogurt-blending machines available on the web, other boutique yogurt bars have caught on. Have you tried this type of yogurt? Now that the fancy frozen yogurt trend is waning, do you think custom blended fro-yo could be the next big thing?



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nikks nikks 8 years
if you guys are in the bay area you guys have got to try TARTINI in cupertino! on stevens creek & de anza. they have more than four flavors and a self serve bar to add whatever toppings you would like. and you pay 30 cents an ounce. they also have smoothies and crepes.
Reesepryde Reesepryde 8 years
in québec we've had this since I was a little kid (and I'm 26 now) I always wondered why you could never get this in the states!
swp02138 swp02138 8 years
There's a fantastic place in San Jose called Sweet Retreat that has been doing custom blend tangy frozen yogurt for decades. It's weird that this has now become a phenomenon.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
Hmm. Must head up to the city to give this one a try. Sounds delicious :)
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Eh a little too involved for me. I'll just by mine as is in the store. :)
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Oh and Abby, this kind of frozen yogurt tastes like frozen yogurt (where its got that tangy-ness that plain yogurt has). Thats why I love it so much, because its not super sweet pretending to be ice cream.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
I ate at this place when I was in Dominican Republic. they have work out of the big ice cream joint over there called Helados Bon (kinda the way some fast food joints team up in this country). I Loved it so much, it was soooo yummy! I loved the cherry and plum mix. Weird, i kinda had thought it was an island thing until I read this post, hope they come to NY soon, me and my mom have been going crazy to eat that stuff again.
marie-lee marie-lee 8 years
Frozen yoghurt has only just started being trendy around here...I think it will be quite a while before something like this is avaliable in my neck of the woods.
pacific pacific 8 years
Humphrey Yogart did this in the 90s. Not really that cutting edge.
miznic miznic 8 years
I miss Heidi's Frozen Yogurt... used to be a CA-based chain that was big in the late 80s. They used to have something pretty similar.
Maddi-Maye Maddi-Maye 8 years
Wow!Interactive foods get me so hyped up!!!
AbbyHintz AbbyHintz 8 years
I have a question (that's somewhat unrelated). How come frozen yogurt doesn't taste like yogurt that's been frozen -- what happens to the "bite"? Anyway, sounds tasty.
smileyface smileyface 8 years
There is a place that does this in DC near where I went to college. This isn't really anything new. They had yogurt flavors on the menu or your could pick the fruit you wanted to go in it. They put the yogurt and fruit into the machine, turned it on and whala! twisted frozen yogurt goodness. I miss that place sometimes now that I don't live in DC anymore...
itsme3683 itsme3683 8 years
There's a place kindof like that in LA called 21 choices. It's all non/lowfat yogurts, and they always have vanilla and chocolate plus four others, usually like a plain yogurt, a fruity one and two crazy ones. The crazy ones are pre-mixed flavors that have like candy or cookies already ground up inside of them, and then you can mix whatever else you want in it. They seriously have hundreds of toppings to choose (you can get a whole Hostess Cupcake mixed in!) and you can ask them to mix the yogurt flavors too. They change the flavors every day, it's like a hobby of mine and my friends' to check every day to see if they have our favorites! They mix it up coldstone-style, but they mash them more so it's not as chunky. SOOO good. Seriously, if you're around Pasadena or Claremont, GO.
sweetnspice sweetnspice 8 years
Yogen Fruz is amazing! I live in Washington and there are a bunch up in Vancouver BC and whenever I'm there I have to hit up Yogen Fruz at least once a day for the mango frozen yogurt, beyond delicious!!!
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
That is pretty cheap. Yum, you've been Twittering too much. :)
nancita nancita 8 years
Oooh, what a great idea! It's like a healthy version of Cold Stone creamery.
Food Food 8 years
The whole process did remind me a tad of Cold Stone and Marble Slab, except it was all done using a drill-like machine that blends everything much finer than mixing done by hand. @starangel82 — I don't remember exactly, but I want to say a small was $3.45 or something. Surprisingly inexpensive compared to other places that serve tart yogurt with toppings.
Shadowcat14 Shadowcat14 8 years
We have something similar in Boston. A lot of the local cafes that sell frozen yogurt do it. It tastes so good!
lisabarn lisabarn 8 years
I tried this place when it opened - I loved the chocolate yogurt with raspberries blended in!
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