Last week the city of San Francisco announced the ban of all plastic grocery bags. I've always chosen paper over plastic because they don't dig into the tender skins on the palm of your hands and was happy to learn that my choice was also the more environmentally correct option. Then on Saturday when I was making a cake my mom was in the kitchen reading the new Time magazine aloud to me (my family is big on reading aloud) going over the 51 steps we could take to make the world a greener place. Halfway through she mentioned carrying reusable totes as grocery bags and we got to talking about the ban on plastic baggies. Fast forward a few hours and my bff Emily shows up at dinner with a surprise for me. It's called a chicobag, and it's a reusable grocery bag that folds up and fits into a tiny bag that will easily slide unnoticed into your oversized everyday Marc Jacobs purse. I'm really excited about being able to do my part to help save the world from global warming and wonder will you carry your groceries in reusable bags?