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The other day I received an interesting email from one of my older brother's best friends, the handsome baseball coach, Matt. In the email, Matt described how he and his fellow coaches recently decided to give up certain foods for the entire baseball season from January until June. Matt is giving up all fried foods (healthy and doable), Scott is giving up cheese (I could NEVER in my entire life give up cheese), and Buddy is giving up bread (another tough one). Now I'm all for giving things up every now and then (to change the pace of your diet), and with Lent starting next Wednesday I applaud and encourage Matt and his team's willpower (I am going to give up shopping - not food related but I will definitely need your support readers!). If I had to give up one food I think it would be potato chips, I get weak in the knees whenever I'm near a bag and know I'd be better off without munching on them. How about you? If you had to give up one food, what would it be?

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