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Busy moms are always on the go these days. Between band practice, playdates, and bake sales you need a one-stop-shop where you can get all your family’s wardrobe essentials. That’s why Levi’s® denim at Kohl’s is perfect for you and your loved ones. With a variety of styles like Juniors 524 Skinny, Guys 514 Slim Straight, and Boys 511 Skinny, your kids will feel fashion forward while you feel like you got a bargain. At Kohl’s you’re sure to find something for everyone and secure your status as supermom.

Want to get your whole family dressed in Levi’s® denim? You can enter for a chance to win $1,000 Gift Card to Kohl’s. Just enter a comment below and tell us why you’re a modern American mom. Don’t forget to read the official rules.

Official Rules

felicianiemeier felicianiemeier 5 years
I am the all American women because I have the never fail, never give up attitude. While I am a women I expect to be treated like a lady, I never expect a man to step in and solve my problems. I know I can do anything a man can do.
adoc4890 adoc4890 5 years
I am not a mother, but I know a lot about mom's, considering I have the greatest one on the planet! My name is Anna, and her name is Mom. I am the young yet grown, smart and savvy, dedicated and motivated beautiful woman that I am today because of my wonderful mom. My mo worked as a full time nurse, volunteerd in the community, went to college part time, and still had time to raise my sister and I. She, of course, gave us all the parental "talks"; about things like sex, drugs, success, children, happiness. She often told us "whatever decisions you make as you grow up, I will not punish you or reward you, because you will realize that you will either punish or reward yourself. And the way you choose to live, is the way you choose to leave." She was absolutely right! My sister and I both had experienced, made mistakes, learned our lessons, and always remembered what our wise mother taught us. My mom is the modern-day American mom, because she is wise, and tells us exactly what yesterday's modern-day American moms have said before. She is the perfect mom.
stefina stefina 5 years
As a mom and step-mom working from home to run a business, I definitely consider myself a modern American mom. Both blended families and entrepreneurship are modern-day realities for American mothers.
girlfriend3 girlfriend3 5 years
I am a modern mom because I try to enjoy every minute of my life while juggling family, kids and sometimes, myself too! You have to learn to combine things like fitness and parenting time together... and try not to feel too guilty. I'm a super modern mom since I work and my husband does an amazing job at staying home and taking care of our kids and our lives! I LOVE Kohls and Levi's- so excited I can get them there!
brandy72279 brandy72279 5 years
im a modern day mom because i love being a mom of four but it also drives me crazy all in the same breath and im not afraid to admit it! i take care of my kids 95% of the time, attend school part time and try to find time for myself (with out much success!) . im not sure there is really a definition of a modern day mom but if there was, i am sure i fit in that category!
kejtio kejtio 5 years
My mother did it all for my sister and I when we were growing up--she'll always be the ultimate modern mom in my eyes!
Jillyk530 Jillyk530 5 years
Because I know I can have it all!
raeraek raeraek 5 years
First off, I am the biggest Levis fan. I dress my whole family in their denim wear. I'm so excited they are now available at Kohl's! Please give me the opportunity to surprise my family with the ultimate back to school gift. Love you Sugar and Levis!
tom58 tom58 5 years
my mom is the american mom because she always gave up stuff she needed or wanted to make sure we had everything we needed or wanted. Even now that Im grown she still does the same.
lp424 lp424 5 years
I'm a modern American mom because I have to balance home & work. Not an easy thing to do but, someone's gotta do it :)
stef42678 stef42678 5 years
I'm a modern amaerican mom because I am always looking out to help my family, but also am sticking to my own goals with my life and career. I would love to win these jeans to dress my family!
gatormomx2 gatormomx2 5 years
Of course I am the American Mom! We contribute to our family and community and help improve life every day for those we love.
orchidlady01 orchidlady01 5 years
I am a modern, American mom who volunteers, teaches, cooks, cleans, sews, chauffeurs, builds, repairs, manages, computes and loves her family.
ladecajun ladecajun 5 years
because of the economy my household consists of my 2 daughters ,2 son-laws and 2 yr old granddaughter..i juggle having to be the matriarch,the jury sometimes,still the mom for 2 sisters grown living together
Sunnymay Sunnymay 5 years
I'm a thoroughly modern mom who juggles schedules, requests and always has an ear to lean on. Speaking of planning, I go backwards and figure out how long things are going to take and plan from there. Recently, I sent my last child to college and only got lost twice on the way and once on the way back. Leaving "Get Lost Time" gives me a breather so we're not so rushed or late.
pacutepa pacutepa 5 years
I am a modern American mom because I strive to balance being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and simply me.
CoMMember13628676232553 CoMMember13628676232553 5 years
i am there for my kids 110% and taking care of the house even if that means getting up at 4am in the morning to take care of things before the kids get up for school
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 5 years
my mom is totally a modern american mom. she's going to school full time while still making sure my sister and I are cared and provided for. she deserves everything!!!
mrodphoto mrodphoto 5 years
I think a modern American mom is the mom that makes it work. I take car of my two kids 24/7, cook 90% of their meals from scratch, take them to sports and school and work from home. But we're so laid back and fun loving and I managed to produce two kids who are not only so smart but polite too. They make it easy and I do it all for them.
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