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Will You be Upset If Belgian Company Buys Budweiser?

There is no other beer as quintessentially American as Budweiser. With its red, white, and blue label, the beer is known around the world as the American brew. But, how would you feel if the "great American lager" was no longer owned by an American company?

Big time Belgian brewer InBev, which makes Stella, Becks, and many other brews, has offered to buy Anheuser-Busch's beer. Both Americans and Belgians are outraged by the possible takeover. Americans — who are putting up a fight at — don't want to lose the national symbol, and the Belgians don't want to be associated with it.

Considering that I prefer Stella to Bud, I'm not affected by the possible merger. How about you? Will you be upset if a Belgian company buys America's favorite beer?


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luxington luxington 9 years
Budweiser is piss, not beer.
darkangel2305 darkangel2305 9 years
I dont particularly love this brand, except there's been quite a bit of Bud Light Lime in my household lately with this heat. Anyways, i read the article on the Wall Street Journal and pointed out a friends' dad and my bf. They doubt that Anheuser Busch will sell. Remember InBev bid was unsolicited... We'll see, but it would be a shame to lose one more American made product...
Just-Oh Just-Oh 9 years
Manners, people! If you don't like Anheuser Busch's beers then just say so, no need to insult people who enjoy them. InBev has achieved its success because it is run in a ruthlessly efficient manner--little advertising, little philanthropy, little community involvement. As others have pointed out, a lot of American jobs, not just in St. Louis, will be lost. There are AB breweries all over the US and also internationally. On another level, it would be a shame for an American icon to be taken over by a hostile foreign purchaser.
rickimc rickimc 9 years
I'm with CandyGram, Jopperma, and Lilxmissxmolly. AB is such a big part of STL, plus I have a friend who works there. They are so much more than beer, and they do give a lot to the community.
verily verily 9 years
It doesn't matter to me because I still wouldn't drink it!
esk4 esk4 9 years
I am a beer lover, but I do not touch bud, or miller, or corona, or Yuengling for that matter, just imports or micro-brews especially seasonals... so it wouldn't matter to me if bud was bought out, I would just hate to see hard working people lose jobs especially durring times like this.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 9 years
i live in st. louis so other things come into consideration like grant's farm (which is owned by the family but leased by the brand...for those who don't know its sort of like a big, free zoo and a definite landmark) and the clydesdales and all the things that symbolize the beer and make it a landmark. i don't even drink, but i really hope that the beer stays in that family.
micli micli 9 years
it would suck if budweiser was lost a brooklyn lager fan
Taadie Taadie 9 years
Bud Light was my starter beer back in college but now I wont touch the stuff. So I guess it doesnt matter to me. I know people would be upset if the price changed dramatically though and you couldnt get your Bud for $2 during Happy Hour.
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 9 years
how would workers at Anheuser-Busch be affected? My great uncle has worked there for years and he and his wife still rely on that income.
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I am not a fan of beer, but I know the Belgian beers taste good. I can understand why the Belgians don't want to taint their beer with Budweiser! And didn't Budweiser originally come from the Czech why are Americans making such a big fuss about it?
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
There's going to be a lot of disappointed rednecks out there, joppama. :D
mlen mlen 9 years
personally if i want a good belgium beer, i go buy one. i would go buy bud just cause it was owned by a belgium company- so i don't see the point in trying to change the taste to be moer belgium-like. i agree with ilanac- i prefer other brands, but there is something so american about Bud that it'd be a shame to lose it.
MindayH MindayH 9 years
I agree with jopperma - it isn't just about the beer that in all fairness isn't really primarily targeted at the sugar audience - but Anheuser Busch does a lot in regards to charity and giving back. I would be disappointed.
jopperma jopperma 9 years
I'm not a beer drinker, but I do live in St. Louis and from what I can tell people are upset not only about the loss of the American ownership, but the potential impact on jobs and all the funding Anheuser Busch provides to local charities. The Busch name is on everything here, including the baseball stadium and I think people are worried that the sale will result in and end to all the contribution the company has made to the city. Also, mondaymoos... I think Miller is now owned by SABMiller, which I believe is a South African company gone global. So I am not sure a loss in sales or switching of brands on the part of buyers would really make their point any better.
Brandi13jrm Brandi13jrm 9 years
Budweiser tastes pretty awful and I hate that it's an "American symbol". I hope the Belgian company buys it out, hopefully they can turn Bud into a good tasting, "real" beer. I'm pretty sure all the rednecks and hicks will be upset, but they will get over it.
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
I don't drink Bud, maybe they could help it out. Last time I tried it, it was pretty terrible. I don't really drink that much beer, but when I do it's usually Yuengling or Troegs. They both brewed locally. If I can't get either of those I usually try something random and imported.
jimpolandy jimpolandy 9 years
Why did Francoisehardly even comment on this thread? I think it would be sad if Bud is sold to the Belgians. I don't drink it either because there are better beers out there, but it is kind of like Budweiser is part of being an American. I definitely had my fair share in college.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
well i'm partial to other brands, so i'm not going to be affected either, but i think that it'll be sad if the buyout does happen. bud really is an american symbol and to have it owned by a belgian company - that's just taking a bit of america out of it.
CandyGram CandyGram 9 years
I don't drink it, but I live in St Louis and would hate to see it happen to the community. None of my friends drink Bud by choice, but are proud to live in the same town that the King of Beers is brewed in!
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 9 years
I don't really drink beer, or alcohol in general, and the only kind I ever had was some Corona once. I have more important things to worry about than which country's company owns a specific beer.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 9 years
I don't really care. I don't drink it and hopefully this could help improve the taste.
vanessasworld vanessasworld 9 years
Yeah I agree with shoney, I don't really care if InBev buys Budweiser and if they can make the crap taste better then go for it! I'm more of a mixed drink girl myself.
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
I don't personally drink it (Yeuingling, yay Boston Lager!) , but after living in good ole boy country for a few years, I know that a lot of people who do will stop. Half the reason they drink the stuff is because it's American. If InBev buys the company, they better be expecting sales to go down... because most of their drinkers are going to switch to Miller.
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 9 years
The last time I ordered a Budweiser by choice (ie. it wasn't the only thing on the menu - hello keg party) was in Bruges, when I needed a 1-euro palate cleanser while between goblets of Leffe, a classic Belgian abbey beer and an InBev flagship brand. If InBev can make Budweiser better, then maybe it's a good thing. Right now, I don't care who owns "The Great American Lager", because it's pretty terrible stuff.
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