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Yucky Link: Women Can't Cook?

Yucky Link: Women Can't Cook?

In what seems to be an appalling piece of journalism, a British writer declares that, generally speaking, women cannot cook. I don't know about you, but reading this makes me want to grab my knives and give this man a piece of my mind. What do you think?— Daily Mail

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aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
where's betty on this??
pintsized pintsized 9 years
Chinese food is just there? Wow you British ARE pompous, jk, just you anyhow. Chinese food, just like any other non European food has become very American and "mainstream" so dont even go there. And British food culture? Enlighten us please. The reason why US food might be better is cause we dont discriminate, we pretty any kind of ethnic, regional, etc cuisine. So please, take your boiled veggies elsewhere.
mollywog mollywog 9 years
Grrrrrrrrrr.... I think one thing he's overlooking is that assuming the woman in the family does all the cooking, she's also doing all the washing up etc, and well, I'd like to see him doing all that stuff for days on end and still keep making gourmet dishes. I'll just bet that he doesn't do the dishes!
7kimba7 7kimba7 9 years
I don't think any country is better or worse than another as far as cuisine goes. I have had the opportunity to travel to many places for work (including the UK, and including Italy and France) but it's my local food that I miss. I don't think American food is way better than other cuisines, but I don't think the others out strip American food. They are just different. To me, it's like apples and oranges and you have to respect them all for what they are.
Kostika Kostika 9 years
I didn't say that British food was better. Countries like Italy and France have forgotten mre about food than most countries ever knew about food. Chinese food is to the US is as Indian food is the the UK. It's just there and part of everything. It's easy to miss. I know you were generalising and you angered me the least. If you have a chance to study in the UK or Europe thenyou should. The food culture in Europe out strips anything I could have imagined back in the US. I don't think any cuisine is better than another. I do think some countries know more about food than others, like Italy and France as mentioned. There are things I really miss about American food, but British food is something I couldn't live without now.
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
Go let him cook for himself, that is if his dominant hand isn't too tired. MEN...
EspressoJunkie EspressoJunkie 9 years
Oh...I also think that we've both neglected to account for any kind of Oriental food in the US. The US is chock-full of it. Not to mention, African (I just ate Ethiopian last week), Indian (Kohi-Noor is a restaurant a block from where I live in Tempe, Arizona), and countless other countries (not in the UK) that also have their own cuisines that have immigrants in the US.
EspressoJunkie EspressoJunkie 9 years
Thanks Kostika. I'm actually really glad that you posted that comment and called me out. Like I said I knew that I was generalizing, but I think that my views are very media influenced on this topic. I'm looking into being a pastry chef and when I entertained the idea of going to the UK to study a few years ago, these were just the views that I saw that came out of the media. Sorry about that. I highly agree with your sentiments about other people saying that UK has bland food. But saying that it knows more than the US is just throwing the same arguments back at us. Just because we were influenced by you doesn't mean that you're better than us. In my opinion, American food is more of a hybrid of Global food than anything, not better or worse than it's origins. For example, I'm Hispanic and a lot of Mexican food actually isn't as Spanish-influenced as you'd think. I'd say it's more Native-American influenced and has completely evolved to the point of not really being able to consider it Spanish.
Kostika Kostika 9 years
This guys is an idiot. But all of you making comments against the UK and its food should try coming here and eating here before youpass judgement. British food isn't all fried and boiled. Know what you're talking about before you make comment on a certain type of food. Britian knows more about cuisine than the US ever thought it did. Where do you think half of your food comes from. Or have you forgotten that a very large portion of the original immigrants to the US were British and southern cooking is infuenced by British and French foods. Mexican food is the closest you'll come to non-european food in the US and that is spanish influenced. Also there are many many female professional chefs. Last i checked both Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson were both British. Ramsey is an arrogant idiot, but even he will judge a female on her ability to cook, not her sex. (He has a female chef in at least one of his restaurants) The article annoyed me, but those of you commenting about the UK and the superiority of US food have just plain pissed me off. Know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.
michichan michichan 9 years
Pff! Just another 'men-make-better-cooks' types.
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Um, and we're supposed to take this seriously... when it's coming from a British guy? I love the English, but I hardly think they are experts when it comes to cuisine. I'm with y'all — this guy sounds like a grade-A assclown.
EspressoJunkie EspressoJunkie 9 years
So, prick aside, I think that the UK in general is very biased against women in the kitchen. I know I'm generalizing and that there are probably many many people who praise women chefs there. However, all I've ever heard is that women aren't appreciated in the kitchen. Chef Gordon Ramsey, another piss-ant, while a brilliant chef, is against having any women in his kitchens from what I've heard. As are many top of the line European chefs. They say that womens' menstrual cycles make them weak and vulnerable and that can't be tolerated in a top restaurant kitchen. I'm sorry UK, but you have disappointed me once again. I guess I just have to go over there once I get my CIA degree and show them my stuff!
citizenkane citizenkane 9 years
slumberlite, very good answer!!!
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
OMG, Slumerlite I love your answer! Make me laugh out loud at work, and it's totally true. As I distinctly remember reading (I wasn't alive then, and I am sure none of us were either), a woman's place was in the (home)kitchen. As what? A fridge magnet? I don't think so!
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 9 years
I just want to smack him. With a wooden spoon.
slumberlite slumberlite 9 years
Men who are great cooks only become so because of crafty women who have pretended that they "can't" cook. It is all a ruse to liberate ourselves from centuries of kitchen servitude.
7kimba7 7kimba7 9 years
This man has clearly never met my mother. That woman can cook her face off.
pleasedeleteme pleasedeleteme 9 years
The *only* time I truly cook is when I have time to "do it right", often 'experimenting' along the way as he so eloquently condescends to phrase it. "If you want it done right, do it yourself" only applies when you're helping out with everything else as well. Otherwise, I call it interfereing. :-)
Marci Marci 9 years
Send him over to my house. I'll feed him, change his mind, then tie him up until he promises to print a retraction.
cageyme cageyme 9 years
Yikes! I agree with PinkUnicorn. "Pompous Twit" is a perfect description of the author. I am sure he meant the piece to be amusing, but he was pretentious instead. :pepino:
mamaseacat mamaseacat 9 years
Jerk! Someone should cook him his last meal.
PinkUnicorn PinkUnicorn 9 years
This guys sounds like a pompous twit, and I'm amazed he still has a wife at all!!!! Both myself and my mother are really good at cooking and try experimenting and serve delicious, innovative meals. My dad, on the other hand, tries to cook and just randomly throws things in - a couple of scotch bonnets in the spaghetti sauce? WHY NOT...wait now it's too spicy, better dump in half a cup of sugar! Seriously. This man sounds ridiculously chauvenistic and needs to get his head out of his a$$!!!!!!!
nikodarling nikodarling 9 years
So women can't multi-task hey. I'd like to see this a**hole juggle what we do in the course of a day. It has been scientifically proven that women are better at this as we have evolved for it. If women can't cook then how come I have a stable of half a dozen single male friends that constantly invite themselves over to my house for dinner to see what I've come up with on any given night. How come they constantly ask me how I came up with my ideas. I bet I could cook circles around this mysogninistic pig any night of the week. All while entertaining my step-son, disciplining the dogs, doing a bit of housework in between stirring, and carrying on a conversation with my husband (who appreciates what I can do).
catschi catschi 9 years
my boyfriend is the chef in our kitchen, but at my parent's, my mom's cooking totally rocks...
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