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Yum Gift Guide: Kitchen Geeks

The kitchen geek is in a class of her own. She's got the best gadgets, worships Alton Brown and knows more about food science than you can wrap your brain around. This Yum Gift Guide is all about gifts you can get for her.

Cuisinart Duet Blender and Food Processor - The folks at Cuisinart have finally blessed us all with a food processor & blender combo. This space saving gadget will crush ice as well as dice vegetables. This year why not get your favorite foodie two gadgets instead of one. Buy it here for $129.

Four more, so

Programmable Thermometer with Timer - Give them this thermometer and they'll never overcook (or under cook) their food again. They'll be able to set it to the desired temperature, stick it into the meat and walk away until the alarm goes off. A magnetic LCD display allows it to stay put on the outside of the oven door. Buy it here for $25.95.

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker - This soft serve ice cream maker is guaranteed to put a smile on all of your food loving loved ones. With three compartments for their favorite toppings and a built-in cone holder there's no way they could turn this down. Buy it here for $129.99.

Aerogarden - Imagine growing fresh herbs all year long. Oh and did I mention that it would be dirt and weed free? If your food geek is into fresh herbs, but lacks a green thumb, get them an Aerogarden and watch them grow wild. Available here for $149.99.

Salter Nutritional Scale - This scale weighs food portions and calculates nutritional values. With its capability to analyze over 900 foods and ingredients, it is guaranteed to bring the mad scientist out of your favorite food geek.
Buy it here for $69.99.

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