Steady Sticks - Think about the last time you took a bottle of wine to a picnic in the park. You found a nice shady spot on a hill, rolled out the blanket, pulled out the cork, poured the wine and then, oh... nowhere to put the glass. Well thanks to the handy Steady Stick, you can now put your glass anywhere there is grass or sand. Made of weather resistant stainless steel, these sticks will make a perfect gift for the wine lover on your list. Set of two Steady Sticks for $11.95.

ReServe Wine Preservation Kit - Once a bottle is open, there's no way my favorite wine lover doesn't finish it on the same day. You see, the taste just isn't the same the next day. However, imagine if she could open up a bottle on Sunday and have it taste just as great next Sunday. Well with the Sommelier-Endorsed ReServe Wine Preservation Kit, she could do just that. Using a simple on/off twist seal, the preservation adaptor releases pure argon gas to safely displace air in open bottles. This prevents oxidation and preserves the wine. Three piece Wine Preservation Kit available for $149.95.

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Riedel "O" Wine Tumblers - Stems are great for looking fabulous at parties, but sometimes it's nice to have a glass that doesn't run the risk of tipping over easily. Lucky for us, Riedel has managed to create lovely, yet delicate, stemless glassware. Their innovative casual shape is perfect for everyday use and enjoyment. Different styles available to suit your wine lover's favorite wine. Set of two Riedel "O" Glasses available for $20-$22 (depending on the style).

Professional Connoisseur's Wine Set - With this set, they'll never have to struggle with another cork again. Ergonomically designed to "effortlessly lift the cork in one smooth motion and serve as the centerpiece in the kitchen or beside your bar," this set also includes two wine bottle stoppers, foil cutter, wine pourer, and a replacement worm. While the actual opener resembles a mini drill, it’s virtually fool proof and it will have their bottle of Chardonnay open in half the time it takes to open with an old school opener. You can find the Professional Connoisseur's Wine Set for $60.

Duck Wine Decanter - Every wine lover worth their weight in grapes knows that a good red wine should be decanted prior to serving. Decanting provides the oxygen needed to release the full bouquet of the wine. This particular one is shaped for proper aeration and is somewhat whimsy without being too cutesy. Duck Wine Decanter available for $29.