Usually when I highlight cool stuff you have found in the Yum Market here on YumSugar, I always show cool products, interesting gadgets, and useful kitchen tools. Well, what about food? Ok I guess I do sometimes talk about chocolate but that doesn't really count. Chocolate is in a category of its own. Today I thought I'd share some of your favorite (non-chocolate) food items that you saved and displayed in the Yum Market. Wondering what's in these beautiful packages?? When I first saw them I was too. Adelaide found this great gift, which is actually cheesecake!! A decadent gift for mom, inside you will discover a moist chocolate cheesecake with layers of Heath crunch in vanilla and chocolate butter cream. My mouth is watering just writing that!

You know the drill for more,

Who isn't a fan of macaroni and cheese? As much as I love the homemade stuff sometimes you have to take some help from a box. KerryG suggests her favorite organic macaroni and cheese with noodles shaped like peace signs. What a great way to teach your children the importance of peace!

Ginger has shared her preferred salad dressing brand Brianna's and says that she recently tried the new Mandarin Ginger and that it's a satisfying combination of sweet and tangy.

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