One of my pet peeves is coffee rings on the table, they drive me absolutely crazy. That's why I love coasters (as long as you remember to use them, ahem, Jimmy, I'm talking to you). Well, it turns out that I'm not the only one who thinks coasters are fantastic. While looking through the Yum Market I noticed that you guys seem to like coasters too. My first find comes from koreniebear. She found these paper coasters featuring photographs of beverage signs. 48 coasters, 12 different images. Take a roadtrip without having to leave your home!

Two more coasters, so

These retro inspired coasters are easy to wipe clean and won't slip on your table (they're backed with cork). They're also sure to bring a smile to those who use them. Each coaster features a "desperate housewife" and say things like, "Coffee, chocolate and men... some things are better rich!" - what a cute (and totally kitschy) find. Thanks for bookmarking these cravinsugar.

My last find comes from TeamSugar member eruntale. These Street Sign Coasters are made from actual recycled street signs. So not only will they look great on your table, but hey you'll be helping out the environment too.